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Public Charge Rule Starts February 24, 2020

You may remember back in the second half of 2019, DHS published its final public charge rule. The rule outlines stricter requirements including disqualifying nonimmigrants who used certain public benefits, and also disclosing an “income safe zone” which is above 250% the HHS poverty guidelines.  Several courts filed injunctions on this rule, which delayed its […]

Traveling Abroad Before Adjusting Status

Would it be possible to get married in the US on a K1 visa and come back to the Philippines right after marriage while processing for adjustment of status? -Karen The K1 fiance visa is a single-entry visa. This is not a multiple-entry visa. It is for the sole purpose of coming to the United […]

Can We Move In Together While On Visa Waiver?
Can We Move In Together While On Visa Waiver?

I am from Germany and my boyfriend is an American. We want to experience living with each other before committing to marriage. Can I visit on a visa waiver then adjust status if we decide to get married? Yes, however it is not technically the correct way to do it. This might be viewed by […]

Adjustment of Status Medical Exams (Excluding K1)

We have a quick public service announcement for any adjustment of status applicants who did NOT enter on a K1 fiance visa. As part of your process, you’ll need to have a medical exam with an authorized civil surgeon. You cannot just go to your run of the mill doctor of your choice. You must […]

When Will My Green Card Arrive After Adjustment of Status?

I had my interview for adjustment of status from a K1 on 20th of August. The interview went smoothly. Within 20 minutes, the officer said we were good, but she will have to review and mail our card if everything’s okay. It’s been almost 21 days, and my case is still under review. Should I […]

New Public Charge Rule – 250% Poverty Level & Means Tested Benefits

Homeland Security recently issued a new public charge rule that our customers have been asking about, so we wanted to briefly go over this. A “Public Charge”, as defined by the USCIS, is a person who is likely to become: …primarily dependent on the government for subsistence, as demonstrated by either the receipt of public […]

I Entered on a K1 Fiance Visa But Haven’t Adjusted Status Yet

“I have been in the US for almost two months now. We processed our K-1 visa with you guys for only eight months from start to finish. Do you have an expiration to when you can process?” There is no expiration for when you must adjust status explicitly. However, keep in mind you will be […]

When Will I Get My Social Security Card After Adjustment of Status?

“How long does it take to receive your SSN once you apply for adjustment of status?” Based on our experience, most customers receive their SSN after they’ve received the combo card. At least, that’s what we’re seeing right now. They usually receive it one to two weeks after they receive their combo card. The combo […]

When Should I Get My Adjustment of Status Medical Exam?

“I’m about to go through the AOS (adjustment of status) process. When is the best time to get the medical examination?” If the alien beneficiary entered on a K1, they should file for adjustment of status after getting married, but before the medical examination expires, which is one year from the time the DS-3025 was […]

Self-Employed Income & Sponsoring an Alien

“I have my own business but deducted a lot last year, due to the new addition to my business, so it looks like I didn’t make enough money. But I’ve got bank statements this year, and I’ve made enough money. Will it be okay to be a co-sponsor?” As a self-employed individual or person who […]

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