Can an Intending Immigrant Sponsor Himself/Herself?

12 Apr 2019

For a family-based immigrant visa, you cannot sponsor yourself. The petitioner must file Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, on your behalf. In certain situations you may be able to include your income and/or assets with the petitioner’s household income/assets. The income must continue from the same source after obtaining lawful permanent resident status in the US and must reside in the same residence at the sponsor.

The sponsor may include the intending immigrant’s income if the intending immigrant either resides with the sponsor or is the spouse of the sponsor. The intending immigrant’s income must be derived from “lawful employment in the United States or from some other lawful source that will continue to be available to the intending immigrant after he or she acquires permanent resident status.” This means that if the intending immigrant is residing in this country, he or she must currently be working with USCIS employment authorization. It also means that, regardless of where the intending immigrant is residing, he or she must establish that the current source of income will continue after acquiring lawful permanent resident status.

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