Medical Examination

Before filing for an adjustment of status, the alien must have a medical exam conducted by a USCIS-approved civil surgeon. The purpose of the examination is to determine whether the alien is possessed of any disqualifying physical or mental health conditions.

There are two types of medical conditions. Class A medical conditions include tuberculosis, illicit drug addiction, active syphilis or any physical or mental disorders that exhibit harmful behaviors. Class B medical conditions are not inadmissible and include physical and mental abnormalities, or any disabilities or debilitating conditions that do not cause harm to others.

During the exam, the USCIS-approved civil surgeon determines whether the applicant is possessed of any inadmissible conditions. The information is then recorded in a on the I-693 Medical Exam form which is then filed along with the I-485 Adjustment of Status form with the USCIS. [If the alien is overseas, the medical exam is conducted by a physician designated by the US State Department and the results are recorded on DS forms 2053 and 2054.] Generally, the completed medical examination is valid for one year from the date the surgeon endorsed it. Note that the applicant needs to bring appropriate photo ID and any relevant medical and vaccination records.


All individuals applying for adjustment of status must be fingerprinted to check against state and national law enforcement databases. After filing the I-485 form, the foreign national will receive a Notice of Action from the USCIS detailing the date, time and location for the appointment. Not appearing at the biometrics appointment can be construed as “abandonment” by the USCIS and the application process could be cancelled. Please be sure to have photo ID in your possession and the Notice of Action you received for the appointment.