9 out of 10 delays are from customers who don't get this service.

If you have already paid for this service with your initial purchase, you will still follow these instructions but will not need to submit the $200 payment. The service offered on this page is optional. A complete online review of your petition is included with your purchase price. Simply call or email us when you are finished entering your information and we will review your petition online within 4 business hours at no additional charge. If you have already paid for mailing when you purchased your petition you do not need to pay again, but you should still follow these instructions for mailing your petition to us. RapidVisa ® can assemble and mail the petition for you for only $200. However, before you purchase this optional service please make sure we review your petition online first. You wouldn't want to print and mail your documents to us only to discover you made a mistake.

For more details, including photos, of the journey your paperwork takes when it gets to our office, go here.

Purchase Premium Review - $200