Charge-Government-FeesIf you are a RapidVisa customer you can put filing fees on a credit card as an optional part of our service to you. In order to do this for USCIS fees you must be using our optional Premium Review Service. You do not need to be using our Premium Review service to charge the NVC fees to your credit card, but you still must be a paid RapidVisa customer.

Because the credit card companies charge us a fee and to cover our risk we charge a 15% convenience fee for this service. See the table for current rates. This is far less than you'd be charged for a cash advance.

Normally you would just write a check for the USCIS fees, or pay the NVC fees online through your checking account. When you pay these fees through your checking account (or with a money order) you pay nothing beyond the government fees. We offer this service as a convenience to you but please understand that this is an optional service and fee that you can avoid by paying these fees yourself with a check, money order or bank draft.

How Does It Work?

If you would like to use this optional service, just give us a call at 800-872-1458. We will take your credit card information over the phone. We will charge your credit card for the amount of the government fee plus 15%. See chart for examples. We will then write the filing fee check if the payment is for the USCIS, or pay your NVC fees online through our company checking account.

Note that government fees are not refundable and therefore once we pay these fees for you we can't give you a refund under any circumstance. Just give us a call if you have any questions about this service.

Convenience Fees

Government Fee Our Fee Total
$30 $4.5 $34.5
$415 $62.25 $477.25
$510 $76.5 $586.5
$550 $82.5 $632.5
$560 $84 $644
$590 $88.5 $678.5
$760 $114 $874
$1,130 $169.5 $1,299.5
$1,170 $175.5 $1,345.5