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Adjustment of Status

Portrait of a couple smiling, Papeete, Tahiti, French PolynesiaWe can prepare your Adjustment of Status and get your green card if you are married to a U.S. Citizen or are the step-child of a U.S. Citizen and came to the U.S. on one of the following types of visas:

A-1, A-2 or A-3 Foreign Government Official or Family Member Visa
B1/B2 Tourist Visa Canadian who entered legally with no Visa
E-1, E-2 or E-3 Treaty Trader Visa
F-1, F-2 or F-3 Student Visa
G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4 or G-5 Foreign Government Staff or Family Member Visa
H-1, H-2, H-3 or H-4 Employment or Family Member Visa
J-1 or J-2 Exchange Visitor not subject to 2 Year Rule
K-1 or K-2 Fiancée Visa, Fiancée Child Visa
K-3 or K-4 Spousal Visa, Spousal Child Visa
L-1 or L-2 Employment Visa
M-1, M-2 or M-3 Student Visa
O-1, O-2 or O-3 Extraordinary Ability Visa
P-1, P-2, P-3 or P-4 Entertainment Visa
Q-1 Cultural Exchange Visa
R-1 or R-2 Religious Occupation Visa
Same Sex Marriage Green Card
T-1, T-2, T-3 or T-4 Trafficking Victim Visa
TD Dependent of TN Visa Holder
TN-1 Professional Work Status from Canada
TN-2 Professional Work Visa from Mexico
U-1, U-2, U-3 or U-4 Criminal Victim Visa
Visa Waiver Program – ESTA
Call us if your visa type is not listed
If you came on a C (Transit) or D (Crewman) type visa RapidVisa can’t help you.
If you are not married to a U.S. citizen or are not the step-child of a U.S. citizen, RapidVisa can’t help you.

Why adjust your status? Here are 5 reasons.

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Our price includes preparing your Advance Parole (travel permit) and Work Permit applications.

Nobody Can Prepare Your I-485 Adjustment of Status Petition Faster…It’s Just Not Possible. Nobody Beats our Proven Process and Absolutely Nobody Beats our Low Prices! RapidVisa® can prepare your petition no matter where you are. You can complete the process from anywhere in the world or from right here in the USA.

How Does It Work?

You make an account on our site and complete our questionnaire. You don’t pay us anything until you have answered all the questions and are ready for us to go to work. Once you are finished and ready for us to prepare your adjustment of status documents all you do is pay our one-time fee and we go to work. We will have your entire adjustment of status petition ready within 4 business hours.

What Services are Included?

Full Phone Support 7 Days a Week
Live Chat Support 7 Days a Week
Secure Drop Box for Transferring Files
Secure Account Accessible from Anywhere in the World
Document Preparation
Document Submission

What Forms are Included?

Our low fee includes everything you need for the green card, work permit and travel permit applications. We prepare all of the necessary forms, letters and supplements and present them to you ready for your signature.