Government Fees

Government fees constitute the largest portion of the cost of U.S. immigration. Depending on which type of petition you are working on, there are fees from different government entities, all paid at different times during the process. These fees change regularly, and we do our best to keep these numbers as current as possible. This page only covers fees RapidVisa’s customers may encounter. For a full list of all fees, go here.

USCIS Filing Fees (Current Fees)

Petition TypeDue With FormUSCIS Filing Fee*Per Applicant?
K1 Fiance VisaI-129F$535No
CR1/IR1 Spousal VisaI-130$535Yes
IR2 Child VisaI-130$535Yes
IR5 Parent VisaI-130$535Yes
Adjustment of Status (Age 14+)I-485$1,140Yes
Adjustment of Status (Age 0-13)I-485$750Yes
Removal of ConditionsI-751$595Yes
Employment Authorization Document (EAD)I-765$0* or $410Yes
Travel PermitI-131$0* or $575Yes
Renew or Replace Green CardI-90$455Yes
USCIS Immigrant FeeN/A$220Yes
Biometrics FeeVarious$85Yes

* On September 29, a federal judge temporarily blocked proposed fee changes that were scheduled to take effect on October 2. We will update this information as we hear more.

USCIS Filing Fees (Proposed Fees)

Petition TypeDue With FormUSCIS Filing FeePer Applicant?
K1 Fiance VisaI-129F$510No
CR1/IR1 Spousal VisaI-130$560Yes
IR2 Child VisaI-130$560Yes
IR5 Parent VisaI-130$560Yes
Adjustment of Status (Age 14+)I-485$1,130Yes
Adjustment of Status (Age 0-13)I-485$1,130Yes
Removal of ConditionsI-751$760Yes
Employment Authorization Document (EAD)I-765$550Yes
Travel PermitI-131$590Yes
Renew or Replace Green CardI-90$415Yes
USCIS Immigrant FeeN/A$130Yes
Biometrics Fee*Various$0Yes

*Separate biometric services fee would only be required for certain cases under the new rule. See a full list here.

National Visa Center (NVC) Fees

Petition TypeNVC FeePer Applicant?
CR1/IR1 Spousal Visa$445Yes
IR2 Child Visa$445Yes
IR5 Parent Visa$445Yes

Embassy Fees

An embassy fee of $265 is due to the U.S. embassy for each applicant, including children. (Fiance Visas)

$160 fee for each visitor visa/tourist visa paid in local currency.

Medical Exam Fees

If you require a medical exam, the exam is required to be performed at specifically sanctioned medical facilities. Check with your country’s U.S. embassy to find out the details. We’ve created this resource for the most common countries that RapidVisa customers originate from.

For the most current fees, check the government website.