Visa Income Requirement Calculator

  • What is the US sponsor's annual income?


    tool-tip Annual income is based on working this same schedule 50 weeks a year to account for vacations and time off.

  • What assets does the US sponsor have?(Optional) tool-tip You may use certain assets in lieu of income. You can use only one third of the assets towards the income requirement. For example, if you have $30,000 in assets, then you can only use $10,000 of it towards the income requirement. The assets more likely to be approved are liquid and easily appraised.

  • What state does the US sponsor reside in?

  • Total number of aliens being sponsored? (incl. children)?

  • Total number of aliens already sponsored? tool-tip For example: You filed for the mother in the past, and are only now filing for the child. In this example, you would count only the child, not the mother.

  • Total number of people in sponsor's household? tool-tip This number includes the sponsor and all individuals currently living with the sponsor,and does not include the alien.

  • Is the US sponsor currently on active duty with the US Military and sponsoring a spouse or child?

  • Which visa are you applying for?

  • What country is the alien coming from?