RapidVisa in the Press

Nevada Independent

“In Trump era, short-term fiancé visas taking longer to get”

“A new analysis of the short-term fiancé visa — a legal status that has risen in the public consciousness because of the TLC reality show “90 Day Fiancé” — shows that application approval rates are…”


Washington Post

“This chef wants U.S. citizens to fall in love with immigrants — so he brings them together for dinner”

“Tunde Wey asks what would happen if singles used love as a political tool. … This chef wants U.S. citizens to fall in love with immigrants — so he brings them together for dinner. ”


PR Web by Cision

“RapidVisa Releases Comprehensive Immigration Report Examining U.S. K-1 Fiancé Visa Application Statistics and Trends”

“The first-of-its kind visa report includes statistics that contradict popular belief. Researchers give an engaging look into applicants’ top U.S. destinations and their sponsors’ demographical backgrounds”

Press Release

“Inc 5000 Recognizes Southern Nevada Businesses in List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America”

“RapidVisa, the industry pioneer in online U.S. immigrant visa processing, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. 5000 for the fourth year in a row…”

Press Release

“Last Word: What Factor is Most Important to a Business’ Success?”

“Business success in today’s market requires resiliency. Only the largest companies can bulldoze through the obstacles. The rest of us must perfect the ‘bob and weave.’”


“The Notes: July 1, 2019”

“RapidVisa purchased and renovated its Las Vegas headquarters at 8270 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas.”


PR Web by Cision

“RapidVisa Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Grand Opening of New Las Vegas Headquarters”

“RapidVisa, the industry pioneer in online visa processing, celebrated its 10th anniversary and the grand opening of a new Las Vegas headquarters on Wednesday, July 17.”

Press Release


“Ben Ives. Founder & CEO of RapidVisa. Las Vegas, USA”

“A former United States Air Force member, Ives found out first hand what it was like to bring a foreign national to the US following marriage. It was an eye-opening time for Ives, as he worked tediously…”



“Debunking Myths Surrounding International Marriages”

“Based on the confusion regarding income guidelines, RapidVisa has created a tool that potential sponsors can utilize to calculate their income requirements for free.”


PR Web by Cision

RapidVisa Enters Endorsement Deal with Reality TV Personality Paola Mayfield

“RapidVisa, a disruptive immigration software company based in Las Vegas, has entered an endorsement deal with Paola Mayfield, popular cast member from season 1 of the TLC hit show “90 Day Fiancé”.”

Press Release

“Online visa processor company relocates to Las Vegas”

“RapidVisa, an online immigrant visa processor, has relocated its headquarters from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Las Vegas, with an office in Chinatown.”



“New Colorado Law Forces Immigration Software Company to Leave the State”

“Our new headquarters is three times the size of our old one to make room for our growth. Now we can get back to work disrupting an industry that desperately needs it…”

Press Release


“US-based visa processing firm sets up shop in Cebu”

“THE GROWING number of immigration petitions a US-based visa processing provider has been receiving prompted the firm to expand its operations in the Philippines…”



“US-based visa processing firm now in Cebu”

“Setting up the Cebu office, Hermosilla said, is an answer to the rising volume of visa applications from the Philippines…”



“Fastest visa processing firm RAPIDVISA, now in Cebu”

“Our team reviews visa petitions three times before sending them to the government. Three sets of eyes looking to find errors or missing items…”



“RapidVisa Opens Cebu Office in IT Park”

“Our team reviews visa petitions three times before sending them to the government. Three sets of eyes looking to find errors or missing items…”



“Filipinos still have American Dreams”

“The market for immigration in the Philippines is very dynamic,” said RapidVisa Cebu customer service manager Jerome Hermosilla…”



“Simplifying Idea”

“Doing this visa application, for our customers, is almost certainly the most important thing going on in their life right now,” said Ives…”



“San Bernardino Terrorists’ Visa Story Doesn’t Add Up”

“Malik applied for a green card the month following her U.S. marriage and eventually obtained the document in July 2015.”



“Applying for U.S. Citizenship Made Easier by RapidVisa, Inc.”

“Although RapidVisa primarily classifies itself as a software company, it offers accompanying services that differentiate it from a simple do-it-yourself form filler.”

Press Release


“News5 Investigates: Immigration lawyers file complaint against local visa company”

“The results of that investigation found the company did not violate any laws… It’s a victory for RapidVisa, but a battle that’s far from over.”


“Software company connects families globally”

“Like taxi drivers oppose Uber, and like the hotel industry might be hampered by AirBNB, RapidVisa has experienced pushback from the legal industry, Ives and Marvin said.”