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Master List of RFEs and Causes

A request for evidence, or RFE, is when USCIS requires more information or evidence before they can proceed any further with your case. There are many reasons one may receive an RFE, even if their visa petition was seemingly rock-solid. Often times, they can be stressful. Other times, fairly simple to deal with. Whatever you do, don’t ignore an RFE, unless you want a denial.

If you receive an RFE for a reason not mentioned on this list, we’d love to hear from you so we can add it.

 List of RFEs and Causes

Evidence Requested


Long-form birth certificate  Short-form birth certificate provided instead.
Tax returns  Ability to financially support alien in question.
 Not provided in petition.
Proof you are not
required to file taxes
 Ability to financially support alien in question.
 Not provided in petition.
W2s & Pay Stubs  Ability to financially support alien in question.
 Not provided in petition.
Marriage Broker Disclosures  As required by IMBRA.
Proof the site you met
on isn’t a marriage broker
 As required by IMBRA.
Proof of assets Original assets provided are weak.
Original assets provided aren’t liquid enough.
 Ability to financially support alien in question.
New Check Check not signed
Check made out to the wrong agency
Check was for an incorrect amount
Check was postdated
Proof of Meeting Original proof sent was weak
No proof originally sent
Copies of Passport All pages (even empty) pages not provided.
Divorce Decrees Not provided for all marriages
 Copies of all pages not originally provided.
 Official stamp missing
Translations  English translation of documents like birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc.
Vaccination Records Not originally provided
Medical exam result
Re-submit Forms  Boxes unchecked
 Fields incomplete or incorrectly filled out
Criminal Records  Applicant didn’t disclose crimes.
 Not originally provided

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