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Ben Ives CEO of RapidVisa

Ben Ives, Founder & CEO

Back in 2007 our founder Ben Ives searched online for a service that would allow him to process the immigration documents to bring his wife Jocelyn to the United States from the Philippines. Ben was surprised to discover that nobody offered this service in the automated way that he envisioned. He prepared the necessary documents manually and set about writing RapidVisa software so that nobody else would have to struggle through the tedious process alone as he had. RapidVisa was the first company in America to offer full-service online family visa processing.

Ben began his working life in the United States Air Force after graduating high school in Indiana. After completing his four-year enlistment, he used his military education benefits to complete an Associates Degree in Automotive Repair and then a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. Before starting RapidVisa, Ben’s various accomplishments included: ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Private Pilot license.

RapidVisa has now helped over 50,000 people process their immigration applications from 188 countries. We have 60+ full-time employees across our three offices. While we offer help with many petition types, we specialize in family reunification type visas. RapidVisa brought 7 day a week live telephone and chat support to an industry that had never seen this level of service. Unlike most other immigration processors in business today, all of RapidVisa’s support staff are actual RapidVisa employees, not contracted call centers.

While we specialize in preparing immigration documents, our real strength lies in the extensive support we provide to our clients for a fixed, one-time fee. Whether your petition takes four months or two years, we continue to support you through the entire process for one low fixed fee and a money back guarantee.

Customer Service

  • Jerome

    Philippines Manager
  • Weng

    Trainer & Team Lead
  • Maggi

    Customer Service Agent
  • Chona

    Shift Lead
  • Princess

    Shift Lead
  • Aldrin

    Customer Service Agent
  • Isabel

    Customer Service Agent
  • Mir

    Customer Service Agent
  • Tiffany

    Customer Service Agent
  • Marie

    Customer Service Agent
  • Archie

    Customer Service Agent
  • Hazel

    Customer Service Agent
  • Joby

    Customer Service Agent
  • Antoneth

    Customer Service Agent
  • Sheryl

    Shift Lead
  • Bambi

    Customer Service Agent
  • Fatima

    Customer Service Agent
  • Salve

    Customer Service Agent
  • Janine

    Customer Service Agent
  • Carmelle

    Customer Service Agent
  • Alexis

    Customer Service Agent
  • Berna

    Customer Service Agent
  • Niel

    Customer Service Agent
  • Bueno

    Training and Quality Manager
  • Abby

    Customer Service Agent
  • Girlie

    Spanish Customer Service Agent
  • Maria

    Customer Service Agent
  • Francesca

    Spanish Customer Service Agent
  • Joana

    Customer Service Agent
  • Kara

    Customer Service Agent


  • Pam

    Document Processing Manager
  • Janice

    Assembly Team Trainer
  • Ramon

    Assembly Agent
  • Ines

    Assembly Agent
  • Rebecca

    Assembly Agent
  • Ricardo

    Assembly Agent
  • Camila

    Assembly Agent
  • Lizeth

    Assembly Agent
  • Icela

    Assembly Agent
  • Veronika

    Assembly Agent


  • Grace

    Sales Agent
  • Khai

    Sales Agent
  • Pedro

    Sales Agent


  • Kyle

    Marketing Manager
  • Doria

    Marketing Coordinator
  • Zadkiel

    Marketing Coordinator, Latin America
  • Ulysis

    SEO Specialist
  • Isagani

    Lead PHP Developer
  • Patrick

    Junior PHP Developer


  • Ben

    Founder & CEO
  • Rick

    IT Quality Assurance Director
  • Eugene

    Windows Developer Team Lead
  • Kristoffer

    .NET Developer
  • Jan

    Senior .NET Developer

Office Administration

  • Juliet

    Human Resources Manager
  • Daniel

    Operations Admin
  • Lee


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