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An Assembly Team Member's desk with petitions to review.

Assembly, or Document Processing, is one of RapidVisa's departments located in our Las Vegas headquarters, and is one of the unique departments that many immigration companies do not offer. The Assembly Team is responsible for document processing, petition assembly and mailing. This department handles the actual physical petitions, including government forms and accompanying evidence that our Premium Review customers send to our office for assembly.

Assembly team members are highly specialized and trained to work with their assigned petition types. Members of the department are licensed and bonded in the State of Nevada as legal document preparers.

RapidVisa Assembly Process

There are five steps all petitions, NVC phase documents, and RFEs go through when they come through the RapidVisa Document Processing Department.

Step 1: Receiving & Soft Review

adjustment of status petition

A complete petition ready for mailing.

First, the petition is "checked in" to our system, which will trigger a message in your account that we received your documents. Next, an agent will do a soft review. At this point, a unique label with tracking bar codes is printed and the contents are put into this folder, which will follow the petition to the end. The staff uses the bar code to scan at each stage, which pulls up the customer's account and logs activity in that account.

Step 2: Assembly

Photos are labeled and some are put into required self-seal plastic baggies. Forms, documents, letters and photos are fastened to the folder in the proper order. Oversized pages are manually cut if needed. Photo descriptions are reconfigured if needed. The packet is mocked up and ready for initial review.

Step 3: Initial Review

A lot happens at this stage. An agent goes through each page ensuring there aren't any typos, missing fields, or other form-field anomalies. Names, dates and other important items are checked for consistency with the government documents. An agent checks civil documents to ensure they are the correct and valid versions. Photos are analyzed along with descriptions. Evidence is checked for validity. Depending on the petition type, income verification documents are measured against the income requirements and strict guidelines we know cause people the most issues. An agent makes sure all required checks to the USCIS are included and made out to the right agency.

At this phase, if we require any missing or additional items to ensure your case has its best chance to get approved, we put your petition on hold and issue a support mail message detailing the missing items and instructions for you to get those to us. We send courtesy SMS messages and robocalls once a week to notify all customers who are on hold that we're waiting on this item. Please note that RapidVisa may request items that aren't required by the USCIS, in an effort to prevent the chances of an RFE (Request for Evidence). The whole purpose of the Assembly Team is to help our customers avoid delays from the government.

Step 4: Final Review

Once everything is given the green light from initial review, it moves to a manager who will review a third time. Everything is gone through again with this fresh set of eyes, looking for missing items, inconsistencies, typos, etc. At this point, for all payment plans and customers who ordered the check writing service, a manager will cut any required checks to the USCIS and include it in your petition. A manager signs off and the file is sealed and submitted to mailing.

Step 5: Mailing

The petition is scanned for shipping label generation. All petitions are shipped to the USCIS by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Your delivery confirmation number is annotated in your account. Keep in mind USPS Delivery Confirmation is not as consistent to track along each stop as other mailing services. But once delivered to the USCIS, it will track the delivery. Once we mail out your petition, you will receive a support mail notification along with your tracking number.

Contacting the Assembly Team

The Assembly Team can be reached by paid Premium Review customers by customer support mail. The Assembly team's time is precious as they have a lot of attention to give all our customer's petitions. So they are only authorized to communicate with paid Premium Review customers and by customer support mail or phone. Please note the department's hours are 8am to 5pm Pacific Time. Most customer service related issues are handled by our customer service team.