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Can I Select a Faster USCIS Processing Center?

“Is it possible to choose which USCIS office processes your spousal visa or to transfer? I’ve heard testimonies of some offices processing and faster than others.” Unfortunately, no you cannot choose the processing center or USCIS office where your paperwork is sent to. It’s going to be sent to one of two lock boxes either […]

Does Calling the USCIS Help Speed Up the Process?

In short, no, calling the USCIS will not speed up the process. It’s best if you just check the status online. You can go to the USCIS website, enter in your USCIS case number and you can obtain the case status right online. Just calling in to the USCIS is probably just going to make […]

CR1 Spousal Visa – Timeline Difference Between Citizen & Green Card Sponsor

What’s the time difference for processing between a green card holder and a US citizen [sponsor] for a CR1 spousal visa? On average, you’re looking at about eight to ten months if you’re a US citizen applying for a CR1 visa. If you’re a lawful permanent resident or a green card holder, you’re looking at […]

How Long is the CR1 Spousal Visa Taking in 2020?

Prior to our current era of “extreme vetting“, we were seeing times of six to seven months for a CR1 visa, from the time you mailed it so the USCIS until the time that you had the visa in hand. But now, in 2020, our average timelines have increased to an average of 7-10 months. […]

Will a Pregnant Fiancé Expedite My K1 Visa?

This is a question we get frequently. The fact that you are pregnant with the child of a US citizen while you’re awaiting a K1 visa doesn’t have any affect on your visa’s timeline or process. The fact that you are having a child together may help in terms of evidence that your relationship is […]

Can I Get a Tourist Visa While Waiting On My NOA2?

The immigration process is frustrating, and as of 2018, taking even longer than ever. Understandably, couples want to see each other before their visa is approved. So we often get asked the question “Will I get approved for a tourist visa if I’m waiting on my fiance or spousal visa to get approved?” The unfortunate answer […]

What’s the Longest Part of the Spousal Visa Process?

The CR1 visa process is quite a bit different from the K1 visa process, specially when it comes to the National Visa Center. As far as processing times, the longest processing time is with the USCIS. You’re looking at easily about five to six months at the USCIS for the removal of conditions. You’re looking […]

Why is NOA2 Taking Longer than We Estimated?

This question comes to us from Instagram. “My husband and I have been waiting seven months for the migration application. You guys said it would take three to five months. Why are we in month seven and have not received migration response?” First and foremost, let me make something clear with RapidVisa. We have no control […]

Is Trump Slowing Down the USCIS for Fiance & Spousal Visa Processing
USCIS waiting time

“Why is the USCIS taking so long, compared to the past two years?” Well, great question. Unfortunately, they don’t tell us the reasons for the timelines, so all we’re left to do is speculate. Now, we can probably speculate as good as anybody else, so let me speculate. I would say one factor might be […]

USCIS Timelines – Having Realistic Expectations for the K1 Fiance Visa
Fiance Visa USCIS timeline

How long is the fiance visa process? Well that’s a great question and it gives us an opportunity to talk about timeline but to answer your question directly. You know all we can do is give you an estimate. And estimate we see five to seven months if I’m going to give you a two-month […]

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