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Can I Get a Tourist Visa While Waiting On My NOA2?

The immigration process is frustrating, and as of 2018, taking even longer than ever. Understandably, couples want to see each other before their visa is approved. So we often get asked the question “Will I get approved for a tourist visa if I’m waiting on my fiance or spousal visa to get approved?” The unfortunate answer […]

What is “Extreme Vetting” & How Do I Prepare For It?

New standards are being rolled out that are designed to basically make it harder to immigrate to the US. The process to immigrate has always included a quite extensive vetting process, but these new measures are likely going to make it even harder. This is likely to cause more delays, requests for evidence and denials. […]

Can I Apply for a CR1 Spousal Visa From Outside the U.S.?

Blanca Rodriguez asks: “Can you complete the entire CR1 process through RapidVisa as a US citizen from outside the US? If so, will my documents be sent overseas or to my US address?” In some cases, depending on the embassy, you can file for what is called a DCF, or Direct Consular Filing. There’s a […]

Does Not Living With My Spouse Hurt My Chances for a CR1 Spousal Visa?

Mary Jean asks, “My fiance lives in Egypt. If we get married in Egypt and then immediately return home, will that reduce the chances for a CR1 Visa approval? I heard that if we don’t live together as a couple before I apply, that will damage our chances.” To answer this, you don’t really have to […]

What Are Likely Causes of Spousal Visa Denial?

“What are the most common reasons for a spousal visa denial?” The number one thing that trips people up would be finances. Most are approved – certainly if they’re done correctly and not defective in the submission itself. Another way to ask this question could be “if  I do everything right, I completely and properly […]

How Many Times Do I Have to Meet My Fiancé & How Do I Prove it?

Reyna asks: “How many times do we have to physically be with each other (traveling to his country in the Dominican Republic) before we can apply for a k1 visa, and exactly what does RapidVisa need for prove that this is real?” You just have to meet one time. If it’s anything above beyond that, […]

Why is NOA2 Taking Longer than We Estimated?

This question comes to us from Instagram. “My husband and I have been waiting seven months for the migration application. You guys said it would take three to five months. Why are we in month seven and have not received migration response?” First and foremost, let me make something clear with RapidVisa. We have no control […]

There Was a Terrorist From My Country – Will I Have a Hard Time Getting a Visa
terrorist from my country

Hey, my files is at the UCIS for the last four months. A spousal visa. My wife applied for me. I’m in Bangladesh. A few days ago something bad happened at old New York by a Bangladeshi. Will it create any problems for my file? The short answer is, no. These things happen. If you […]

Which Birth Certificate Do I Submit With the I-130?
which birth certificate do I submit

Bianca Rodriguez, “Do you need a long or short form birth certificate for the I-130? And how do I know, which one I have? I have a CRBA.” So, CRBA is Consular Report of Birth Abroad. But excellent question Bianca. The short answer is that you need the long form, and how to tell if […]

Is the Fiance/Spousal Visa Interview & Exam Hard to Pass?
Interview and Med Exam Hard to Pass

“The interview and physical, is it hard to pass?” The short answer is no. I went to the interview with my wife and the questions were pretty straightforward. They came right out of the petition itself. The consular officer took the petition, opened it up, flipped through it page by page and took the questions […]

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