Expediting a Spousal Visa (Form I-130) While in the Military

27 Nov 2019

We’re just about to send our 130 Petition. My husband is in active duty military. We want to expedite the process as he will be leaving for his next duty station in the U.S. on December. Do we need to put the expedite letter in the petition package when we send it, or wait for the NVC number and then email them the expedite request?

First and foremost, if you’re going to request to expedite, you have to have a valid reason.

If you’re active military and, I know that if you’re going to deploy to a war zone, they do some expedites, but it’s hard to know. Expediting is a tricky thing. If you have a expedite letter or you’ve written a request, yes you absolutely want to put it in your petition. But there’s no guarantee it will help. It’s kinda hit or miss and it’s at their discretion. In other words, they’re not gonna automatically expedite it because he’s changing duty station, right? He might be going from Texas to Alabama, right? Nobody’s going to see that as an urgent situation. But, there are times when they do. And fortunately for you, when you’re active duty, you do have a dedicated support number with the USCIS that you can call, and I don’t know that number off the top of my head, but it is on our website or you could easily find it on the USCIS site. But there’s a dedicated number for active duty military. I would give them a call, but yes, you definitely need to put the expedite in your petition. And beyond that, there’s not a guarantee it’s going to be expedited. Hopefully it will, but you might want to call that hotline number and tell them your exact situation and see what they say.

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