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What is “Extreme Vetting” & How Do I Prepare For It?

New standards are being rolled out that are designed to basically make it harder to immigrate to the US. The process to immigrate has always included a quite extensive vetting process, but these new measures are likely going to make it even harder. This is likely to cause more delays, requests for evidence and denials. […]

Didn’t Meet Income Requirement Previous Year(s) – Will I Get an RFE?

Emma asks: “Hi we’re going to process my AOS (affidavit of support) my question is: The 2015 individual tax return of my husband did not reach the poverty guidelines is there a possibility they’re going to get an RFE? You shouldn’t for 2015, that was three years ago now, they’re really more concerned about your […]

How Do I Marry a US Citizen While on a Student Visa and Legally Stay in the US?

Moving on next question comes from Marlin. “And I’m currently in the United States on a student visa and want to marry my boyfriend a US citizen. What visa do I need and how do I get it?” We get this question quite a bit and first and foremost just let you know a visa […]

terrorist from my country

There Was a Terrorist From My Country – Will I Have a Hard Time Getting a Visa

Hey, my files is at the UCIS for the last four months. A spousal visa. My wife applied for me. I’m in Bangladesh. A few days ago something bad happened at old New York by a Bangladeshi. Will it create any problems for my file? The short answer is, no. These things happen. If you […]

Cenomar can I divorce in Hong Kong

Can a Filipina Get a Divorce in Hong Kong for CENOMAR?

ohn84 from Instagram, “I have a question. Is divorce from another country, example, Hong Kong, valid to use for Filipina in the K1 process whose husband is a Filipino national?” I’m not sure who’s who. Let me read this again. Used for a Filipina in … Okay, so I’m assuming the Filipina is the alien, […]

China no birth certificate

Will the Lack of a Chinese Birth Certificate Be a Problem for a Visa?

Live from Las Vegas, what’s our next question? Joseph Clifton. My girlfriend is Chinese, she is not born in a hospital so she doesn’t have her birth certificate, but a household registry, which is an official Chinese document. Yeah, that’s a common situation. The short answer is no, of course if they’re not issuing birth […]

can't find my divorce decree

Must I Find an Old Divorce Decree to File My Immigration Petition?

So, next question is from Max, and it goes. “I need to research a divorce that took place back in 1974. I don’t have any records of the divorce. Do I need to include this in my petition? If so, how do I find this paperwork?” Okay, I’ll take that one. Short answer is, there’s […]

7 Common Reasons for Receiving an Adjustment of Status RFE

7 Common Reasons for Receiving an Adjustment of Status RFE

Whenever a request for evidence, or “RFE” is received, it can be a stressful part of the process. At RapidVisa, we see more RFEs at the adjustment of status phase than any other in the immigration process. Most RFEs we receive for AOS petitions are related to the financial ability of the sponsor to support the […]

3 Most Common Reasons for Fiance Visa Denials

3 Most Common Reasons for Fiance Visa Denials

As we’ve said before, fiance visa denial are very low. Even lower if you hire RapidVisa to help. About 95% of all applications are approved, whereas 99.7% of RapidVisa’s customers are approved. Denials are few and far between. But they do happen. Here are some of the most common denial reasons we see out there. Reasons […]

I Received a Request for Evidence (RFE)! Now What?

I Received a Request for Evidence (RFE)! Now What?

If you file your visa petition, even if it’s done perfectly, there’s a chance you could get the dreaded “RFE”, or request for evidence. This is when an adjudicating officer requests additional evidence for your pending USCIS petition. It could be something very major, or very minor and benign. Often times, the item requested isn’t […]