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RFE: Sponsor Must Attend Embassy Interview

Over the last couple weeks, we started receiving RFEs (Request For Evidence letters) requesting that the petitioners attend the interviews. Now, this isn’t a common issue but we did want to address it and bring it to your attention just because it was a surprise to the petitioners. Historically, sponsors have not been required to […]

Administrative Processing at the U.S. Embassy

“I attended my CR-1 interview last week. At the end of the interview, the consular collected my passport and said we’d get back to you in two weeks. My case is now placed on administrative processing. Are they going to deny me? They didn’t give me anything.” Administrative processing does not mean that it’s denied […]

The NVC is Requesting Items I’ve Already Sent Them!

“The National Visa Center keeps asking for the same documents. I submitted all the docs, with the I-130 which is approved. What’s going on at the NVC?” A couple things could be at play here with the National Visa Center stage they’ve switched over to electronic document processing. That means you have to scan and […]

Lapse in 3-Year Work History – Affidavit of Support

“How many years of W-2s and tax returns are they looking for? My husband stopped working in 2016 because we planned to hold the wedding in the Philippines and he stayed for a few months in the Philippines then returned to work in 2017 and 2018. Are we required to write a letter of explanation […]

What If I Make a Mistake at My Embassy Interview?

“Is it true that you can be denied if you make mistakes during the interview at the U.S. Embassy in Manila?” Everything comes down to the discretion of the consular officer conducting the interview and asking the questions. If you’re filing for a fiance visa, they’re really looking to see that you truly intend to […]

How Long Should An RFE Take?

“How many days after we send them the RFE documents do we receive the NOA2?” First, NOA2 is Notice of Action 2, the approval notice. Currently, it’s usually about two to three weeks after submitting the requested documents along with the original RFE letter they’re issuing the approval notice. This is just an estimate, and […]

What Are My Chances of Getting An RFE On My K1 Visa? (New Tool!)

We have launched a free tool which allows K1 fiance visa applicants to gauge their possible risk level of receiving an RFE, or request for evidence. RFEs are more common than ever, so knowing your risk level might help give you ideas on building up your bona fides before applying. You can go to and […]

What’s the Purpose of Administrative Processing?

I’m from Pakistan. After the interview at the Embassy, my case went into administrative processing for three months. What is really the purpose of the administrative process and why is it taking so long? Administrative processing is a way for the consular officer to say that they do not have enough information available or enough […]

I got a 221(g)! My Case Is In Administrative Processing

My fiance received a 221(g) for two missing tax documents. We sent them the same day and they confirmed that they received it. It has been thirty days now, and the case shows in AP (administrative processing). How long should this take? We are seeing this scenario a lot right now, especially from certain countries […]

Expect an RFE – Even If You Included It In Your Petition!

We wanted to alert all of our customers to be prepared to receive potential RFEs, or requests for evidence, even when everything in your petition is perfect. We have had numerous reports of customers receiving RFEs for items that were confirmed to have been included in their petitions, but the USCIS is requesting them anyways. […]

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