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Should I Send Originals or Copies of Supporting Evidence to USCIS?

Is a copy of a birth certificate and divorce papers acceptable to USCIS or do I need originals? You should never send original supporting evidence to the USCIS, unless they specifically ask for it. Always send a photocopy. The USCIS won’t return you your original supporting documents back either, so be prepared to never see […]

Can I Complain to USCIS or Appeal a Denial?

Is there a way to complain to the USCIS if they do deny? There is an official appeals process and you would normally use to file an appeal. Appeals don’t overturn a decision very frequently. The types of criteria that have a great chance of appeal are if something was objectively in error on the […]

Top 3 RFEs for the K1 Fiancé Visa in 2018
Top 3 K1 Fiance Visa RFE

There are different departments involved with the processing of a non-immigrant K-1 fiance visa. There are different types of requests for evidence (RFE) generally issued by department. Top 3 RFEs at the USCIS Proof that intent to marry was genuine. Proof of meeting in person within two years of filing their petition. Proof that all […]

New Policy: Trump Admin Will Deny Rather Than Issue RFEs

In a disturbing memo issued by USCIS (PM-602-0163) on July 13, 2018, we were made aware of a new policy which will make it much easier for the Trump Administration to issue denials for legal immigration cases across the board (with the exception of DACA), including fiance visas, spousal visas, green card applications and more. According to […]

What is “Extreme Vetting” & How Do I Prepare For It?

New standards are being rolled out that are designed to basically make it harder to immigrate to the US. The process to immigrate has always included a quite extensive vetting process, but these new measures are likely going to make it even harder. This is likely to cause more delays, requests for evidence and denials. […]

Didn’t Meet Income Requirement Previous Year(s) – Will I Get an RFE?

Emma asks: “Hi we’re going to process my AOS (affidavit of support) my question is: The 2015 individual tax return of my husband did not reach the poverty guidelines is there a possibility they’re going to get an RFE? You shouldn’t for 2015, that was three years ago now, they’re really more concerned about your […]

How Do I Marry a US Citizen While on a Student Visa and Legally Stay in the US?

Moving on next question comes from Marlin. “And I’m currently in the United States on a student visa and want to marry my boyfriend a US citizen. What visa do I need and how do I get it?” We get this question quite a bit and first and foremost just let you know a visa […]

There Was a Terrorist From My Country – Will I Have a Hard Time Getting a Visa
terrorist from my country

Hey, my files is at the UCIS for the last four months. A spousal visa. My wife applied for me. I’m in Bangladesh. A few days ago something bad happened at old New York by a Bangladeshi. Will it create any problems for my file? The short answer is, no. These things happen. If you […]

Can a Filipina Get a Divorce in Hong Kong for CENOMAR?
Cenomar can I divorce in Hong Kong

ohn84 from Instagram, “I have a question. Is divorce from another country, example, Hong Kong, valid to use for Filipina in the K1 process whose husband is a Filipino national?” I’m not sure who’s who. Let me read this again. Used for a Filipina in … Okay, so I’m assuming the Filipina is the alien, […]

Will the Lack of a Chinese Birth Certificate Be a Problem for a Visa?
China no birth certificate

Live from Las Vegas, what’s our next question? Joseph Clifton. My girlfriend is Chinese, she is not born in a hospital so she doesn’t have her birth certificate, but a household registry, which is an official Chinese document. Yeah, that’s a common situation. The short answer is no, of course if they’re not issuing birth […]

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