I got a 221(g)! My Case Is In Administrative Processing

16 Jan 2019

My fiance received a 221(g) for two missing tax documents. We sent them the same day and they confirmed that they received it. It has been thirty days now, and the case shows in AP (administrative processing). How long should this take?

We are seeing this scenario a lot right now, especially from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa. This one is from Colombia. We don’t see it so much there. But you did mention tax documents. We are seeing more RFEs, Requests for Evidence, for income than we’ve ever seen before. It’s like an epidemic right now, so you can just expect those.

Currently, as of 2019, it’s taking usually around 60 days for these type of cases to complete AP. If you don’t hear anything from them in this time period, it might be wise to contact them and make sure the ball is rolling. You will probably be on hold for a long time (sometimes over an hour), but it is an unfortunate necessity of the process.

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