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Here you will find frequently updated information about K-1 Visas and immigrating to the United States to join your fiance. Don’t forget to visit our K1 Visa Overview page if you haven’t already.


K-1 Fiancé Visa but Don’t Speak the Same Language

Me and my fiancee have met in person, but we communicate through translation apps. Man those translation apps are getting good now days. Okay, on her phone or computer she speaks Chinese, but no English. Will we have trouble getting approved for a fiancee visa?

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My Adjustment of Status Was Denied – Appeal or Reapply?

Next question is from Aubrey Ross Hudson. I was denied for my adjustment of status (AOS). What is the best thing to do? Can you help me regarding this matter? Regarding appeal or reapply? My K1 visa process was with RapidVisa and did the best and the fastest.

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Can I Use a Joint Sponsor for a Filipina Fiance Visa?

One thing to know since you mentioned she’s Filipino. In the Philippines they do not accept a joint sponsor. A joint sponsor is your solution if your income is too low. A joint sponsor is like a cosponsor on a car, similar to use an analogy maybe people would get quickly. That’s where somebody else who does have adequate income would sign a document basically vouching for your fiance.

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I Got an RFE (Request for Evidence)! Should I Panic

Okay, A. Hanes says, “I used RapidVisa, got an RFE. I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen. What should I do now?” Well, first, let me apologize for the RFE. I don’t know the details and why you got the RFE, but what I can tell you is that an RFE is a request for evidence. That means that they want a little more information.

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Does a Joint Custody Child Pose a Factor in Visa Financial Requirements

Next question comes from Joshua Davis. If you, the US sponsor, have a child from a prior divorce and joint custody, but not primarily custody, will the child support pose a factor in the financial requirements? A lot of that comes down to your household size. If the child is living with you, you're claiming […]

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How Do I Prove Facebook Isn’t a Marriage Broker?

Next question comes from Alice G. “My fiance and I met in a group on Facebook. RapidVisa says that I need to get a form from the website admin stating that the website isn’t an international marriage broker. But if it’s just a group page on Facebook, how am I supposed to get a letter like that?” I believe what you’re referring to is you met through an online dating site.

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What Proof Is Required for a K-1 Fiancé Visa?

Sammy White, “What proof is required to what extent for fiance Visa?”

Well, you have to prove you met in person. Now, somebody will say in a comment somewhere or somebody will say, “Ah well you can get a waiver.” No you can’t is the answer.

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Why Is Citizenship Better Than a Green Card?

Next question comes from Pedro Estevez: “What’s the main benefit or benefits to becoming a citizen rather than just keeping my green card?” You know, that’s an excellent question. One of the biggest benefits that I’m aware of is that as a US citizen, you can get a US passport.

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Can a Filipina Get a Divorce in Hong Kong for CENOMAR?

ohn84 from Instagram, “I have a question. Is divorce from another country, example, Hong Kong, valid to use for Filipina in the K1 process whose husband is a Filipino national?” I’m not sure who’s who. Let me read this again. Used for a Filipina in … Okay, so I’m assuming the Filipina is the alien, is the person in the Philippines.

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Will the Lack of a Chinese Birth Certificate Be a Problem for a Visa?

Live from Las Vegas, what’s our next question?

Joseph Clifton. My girlfriend is Chinese, she is not born in a hospital so she doesn’t have her birth certificate, but a household registry, which is an official Chinese document.

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