Can I Use a Joint Sponsor for a Filipina Fiance Visa?

23 Nov 2017

One thing to know since you mentioned she’s Filipino. In the Philippines they do not accept a joint sponsor. A joint sponsor is your solution if your income is too low. A joint sponsor is like a cosponsor on a car, similar to use an analogy maybe people would get quickly. That’s where somebody else who does have adequate income would sign a document basically vouching for your fiance. That’s not possible with a K-1 in the Philippines. As far as we know, it’s the only country that doesn’t allow a joint sponsor for a K-1. Other countries, you can use a joint sponsor for a fiance. Philippines, you can for a spousal visa but for a fiance you cannot.

If your income is not adequate and you want to bring your fiance here from the Philippines, you either need to get your income up, get another job, second job, something like that, use assets, if you have assets that you can add to the mix, or get married, so that you can use a joint sponsor. There’s some options there. When you get into finances, it can get real tricky. In fact, that’s one of the biggest problems we see people have is getting through the financial requirements. Obviously, it’s not tricky if you have a great income that’s well above the requirement then it’s no problem. You’ll go right through. If it’s well documented, you’ve got W2s and all of that.

Where it gets tricky is when your income is marginal or you’re self employed and so your income on the books is below normal. It can really be tricky.

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