Does a Joint Custody Child Pose a Factor in Visa Financial Requirements

18 Nov 2017

Next question comes from Joshua Davis. If you, the US sponsor, have a child from a prior divorce and joint custody, but not primarily custody, will the child support pose a factor in the financial requirements? A lot of that comes down to your household size. If the child is living with you, you’re claiming the child on your taxes, that shows up as a dependent. That’s how they measure your household size because your financial requirements are based off the household size. That includes you, the sponsor. That includes the alien beneficiary that you’re sponsoring and any members in your household. That could even be you’re supporting you’re parents or other children, what have you. It really comes down to that. Look at your taxes. If you claim those children on your taxes even if they’re not living in your house, physically living in your house, the USCIS or the consular officer conducting the interview and reviewing your affidavit support is going to look at that as household members. That’s how your income is going to be measured, is based on the household size.

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