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Here you will find frequently updated information about K-1 Visas and immigrating to the United States to join your fiance. Don’t forget to visit our K1 Visa Overview page if you haven’t already.


Can I Get a Vaccine Waiver for K1 Fiance Visa?

“My husband is in the Dominican Republic. He would like a vaccine waiver. Does RapidVisa assist in that process?”

The short answer is no. The longer answer is, if you use one, you can still do the process with us and we can submit your waiver along with the petition. It’s no problem at all.

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I’m a Filipina OFW – Where Should I File My K1 Visa?

Okay. Next question comes from Chabyl. “My fiancé wants to start to file the K1 visa. I’m a Filipino but I’m here in Lebanon, so I will process my papers here in Lebanon. My question, is it easier to process here in Lebanon or in my country in the Philippines?”

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USCIS & NVC Scrutiny on Self-Employed Income Earners

We have noticed that the USCIS as well as the National Visa Center has started scrutinizing affidavit of support documents that list a petitioner or the sponsor as being self-employed and so what they want to see is now at least 6 months of bank statements. They want to see at least three years of tax returns instead of one year of tax returns.

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Is the Fiancé/Spousal Visa Interview & Exam Hard to Pass?

“The interview and physical, is it hard to pass?” The short answer is no. I went to the interview with my wife and the questions were pretty straightforward. They came right out of the petition itself. The consular officer took the petition, opened it up, flipped through it page by page and took the questions right out of there.

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DCF Direct Consular Filing vs. USCIS Filing

So next question is, should I file my spousal visa at the embassy or the United States? That's a complicated question. The reason being is because there is only 24 international USCIS offices at embassies around the world. So one, that's not very many and two, you must meet the requirements to file in that […]

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Can I Remove Conditions From My Green Card if I Got Divorced?

Okay. Little background for those who know. When you come here on a Fiance Visa you’re gonna get a conditional green card, but it says already has a green card. So you’re gonna get a conditional green card.

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Should the Sponsor Attend the Interview With the Fiancé/Spouse?

“Is it easier for your partner to be home or abroad, to get approved? Or is it hard if they are aboard?” You know, what I can tell you from personal experience is that, I went to the … I attended the interview with my wife. And to me, based on all the interviews that I saw and listened too. It seemed like they were a lot easier with the questions with my spouse because, I was standing there.

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Is Trump Slowing Down the USCIS for Fiance & Spousal Visa Processing

“Why is the USCIS taking so long, compared to the past two years?” Well, great question. Unfortunately, they don’t tell us the reasons for the timelines, so all we’re left to do is speculate. Now, we can probably speculate as good as anybody else, so let me speculate. I would say one factor might be the current administration.

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Should I Get Immunizations For a Fiance Visa if I Lost My Shot Records?

By random chance, I lost my childhood immunization records. Should I go ahead and get these vaccines that are recommended for my age, 58 years old, now before my interview? Okay. Or before my medical exams?

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Can I Get a Waiver on the Meeting in Person Requirement for Disability?

Next question comes from Brian. “I’m disabled and cannot travel to meet my fiancée. What are my options?” We see this from time to time and basically, it comes down to you must have an extreme hardship to the U.S. citizen to get a waiver not to meet, or it must be against strict laws and against the alien beneficiary’s country or something like their culture.

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