Is the Fiance/Spousal Visa Interview & Exam Hard to Pass?

21 Dec 2017

“The interview and physical, is it hard to pass?” The short answer is no. I went to the interview with my wife and the questions were pretty straightforward. They came right out of the petition itself. The consular officer took the petition, opened it up, flipped through it page by page and took the questions right out of there. If both you and your, I’m assuming fiancee or your spouse, if you’re familiar with the petition. We recommend that you print it out, both of you have a copy and sit there and just go through it page by page. It’s also highly recommended that you know each other, that you have a bonafide legitimate relationship, because they usually ask straightforward questions like where your fiancee is from, the U.S. citizen, what do they do for a living. Very simple questions like that. We also have a list of sample questions up on our website. I believe it’s a list of approximately 75 questions, and those are probably the most common questions. You can check those out. They’re free to check out.

Yeah, and those lists of questions that we publish, they are actual questions that people have reported back to us, were asked of us. It’s not us guessing. Those are real questions that have been reported to us. One thing I’ll add is usually, the interview is pretty short. This is not like an employment interview where you might be there for an hour. It’s 5, 10 minutes, maybe 15 if there’s something unusual about your case. They’re shuffling those people through there very quickly. So, you’re not in, this is not a sweat shop operation. They’re not going to set you under a big incandescent bulb and sweat you for answers.

Interrogate you.

Basically, you’re going to get in there, it’s going to be bang, bang, bang and you’re out. So, I wouldn’t stress too much other it. The facts of your case are what they are. Be honest and you’ll probably be fine. When people, in our experience, when people fail or have trouble, it is usually not the interview or the medical exam that does it. Those two things are almost the easiest part. They might be the most stress-inducing part of the process, but if you’re talking about just passing, pass rate, that is usually not where you fail. It’s usually something else in the paperwork, in the background check. It’s usually not, I answered a question wrong. Now, has it happened? Yes, definitely. We’ve seen it a time or two where somebody just didn’t seem to know the sponsor well enough, but it’s rare. That’s not usually where you’re going to have problems if you have problems at all, and most people don’t have problems. I just want to repeat, most people are approved. If they get that far, if you make it all the way to the embassy, you’re probably going to be approved. If they were going to deny your case, there is a higher likelihood it would have been done before the interview.


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