Can an Unemployed US Fiance Sponsor an Alien?

10 Jan 2018

Hasan asks “My fiance is jobless. It’s been four months since she had her mom be a joint sponsor. Do you think it’ll work?”

That’s a good question. It comes down to the income of the mother. If the mother’s income is solid then it’s not going to be a problem. So, that’s really what it comes down to. Now, you don’t say what country but I’m going to guess from the name it’s probably not one of the countries that doesn’t allow joint sponsor for fiance visa, of which there are a couple. Beyond that technicality, it really comes down to the income. Your fiance could have no job at all, that’s perfectly okay if the joint sponsor, in this case the mom, is suitable. So if the mom’s got a great income, that covers her household plus you. If, according to the income requirements, she has adequate income and all the evidence required to prove that, then yes, you’ll be fine.


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