Should I Get Immunizations For a Fiance Visa if I Lost My Shot Records?

08 Dec 2017

By random chance, I lost my childhood immunization records. Should I go ahead and get these vaccines that are recommended for my age, 58 years old, now before my interview? Okay. Or before my medical exams?

Okay. So the question is, a medical exam is required for most immigrant type visas, not for a tourist visa, which would be a non-immigrant for example, and there are certain immunizations that you’re gonna be required to have. If you don’t have evidence, they’ll give them to you at the medical exam.

So the question is should I just retake them? I don’t have my shot records. What I would say is they’re gonna give them to you any way at the medical exam, and it’s already included in the fee, so I can’t think of any good reason to go ahead and get them at your own doctor. I wouldn’t.

And the problem, and I don’t know what country and exam, but one of the problems you’ll face is if you do go get them before you go, they are under no obligation to accept your personal doctors immunization records. If for some reason it’s not in the right form, the papers not the right color, I mean, we’ve seen all kinds of things.

You walk in there and you say, “Hey. Look at this. And it’s signed by Dr. Feelgood and I got all my shots. I’m good. No thank you.” If they don’t like it, they’ll say, “Too bad. You’re getting them all again.” So I wouldn’t. I would not do it. It’s already included in the price of your medical exam, and there’s no guarantee your doctor’s shot records will be accepted. So don’t bother. Just go there. Toughen up and get the shots. None of us like shots of course, but that’s what I would do. That’s my advice.


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