Okay, we've got a question coming up here from Arden, "What's considered too big of an age difference for a fiance visa? My fiance is 20 years younger than me. Is that going to give me problems getting an approval for the visa?"

You know, this is kind of a tough question simply because we've seen decisions run the gamut. And as we've always said, everything comes down to the discretion of the counselor officer conducting the interview. Generally if it's a male petitioning for a female, especially from a South Eastern or a Southeast Asian country, we haven't seen many issues.

But if you flip the coin and it's a female petitioning for a male from say like Africa, we have seen some concerns in the age difference. We've even received a letter from one of our customers that they received from a counselor officer stating that it was against their culture to have such a big age difference.

Really it comes down to the country and whose petitioning for whom. If you do have any questions or concerns regarding age difference or any circumstances whatsoever, so can always give us a call at RapidVisa, and we'd be more than happy to talk about your case or your specific situation. Unfortunately, it's impossible to give a concrete answer on that because it's very subjective and it really comes down to the decision of or discretion of the counselor officer.

Yeah, that's right but what I would add, if it makes you feel any more comfortable, is that it is rare for that to be a reason. We've seen it but it's rare. A high, high percent of the people who do these, at least in our business, do have a large age gap. If the age gap is less than 10 years, that would be more unusual than usual. It's more common day in and day out as we do thousands of these a year, it's very common for it to be 15 to 25 years age gap, extremely common. They mostly go right through.

We would just be remiss not to mention like Rick said, that out of Africa we saw a letter where they specifically mentioned an age difference, which I thought was odd. We've never seen that happen out of Asia or Europe or Latin America. It doesn't mean it hasn't happened, we just haven't seen it.

So for most people it's not something that you need to worry about. We've also never seen it when the males the older one and that doesn't seem right, doesn't seem fair. The reality is, when we see any pushback on an issue it's always when it's an older female and a younger male. Again, that's not fair. It doesn't even seem like it should be legal, but just to bluntly and honestly answer the question, we've seen it that way we have never ever ... We've done 40 year age where a man is 65 and a woman's 25. We've done a lot of those in fact. I don't know how many, but it's dozens at least dozens. Several a year for sure and they never have once pushed back on any of those. They've always gone right through. Not fair, yeah. Kind of seems like it might be a gender issue going on there but that's what we see.

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