How Do I Prove Facebook Isn’t a Marriage Broker

Next question comes from Alice G. “My fiance and I met in a group on Facebook. RapidVisa says that I need to get a form from the website admin stating that the website isn’t an international marriage broker. But if it’s just a group page on Facebook, how am I supposed to get a letter like that?” I believe what you’re referring to is you met through an online dating site. In some cases that we’ve dealt with, the USCIS automatically assumes that those are international marriage brokers. Basically, if it’s Facebook, in a lot of cases you can just download, copy the terms of use, terms of service from Facebook because that’s a social media site. The USCIS is familiar with Facebook. Most people are. They realize that’s a social media site. You can just list that in your questionnaire that it’s a social media site, it’s Facebook. You can also provide a copy of the terms of use, terms of service, and in most cases that will suffice. It’s quite a bit different if you met through an online dating site. At that stage, you do require a written statement, a written letter from an online dating website stating that they are not an international marriage broker and why they’re exempt from IMBRA. With Facebook, you should be okay.

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