Tick Tock! Let's get on with it!

Tick Tock! Let's get on with it!

Make progress today

We know you're very excited to be with your fiancee, so we've put together some tips for you to push the K-1 fiance visa process along faster. For more information about how long to expect the process to take, check out this page. Be advised that nobody can make the government move faster. But there are certain things you can do to speed up the parts of the process you have control over. The best way to speed up the process is to not slow it down.

To watch the video detailing these 6 tips, visit it here.

1. Get to Know Your Partner Well

Talk, Skype, text, email, and chat often. Keep evidence of your correspondence. Learn all there is to know about your partner. You need to build a case to the US government that you have a legitimate relationship with this person, so have a legitimate relationship.

2. Play by the Rules

Avoid delays and legal trouble by playing by the government's rules. It takes some patience, but in the long run, it works. So don't try to pretend like you've met in person when you haven't, or try to get your fiance here on a tourist visa then adjust status (foreknowingly).

3. Make Sure You Meet the Requirements

By filling out the questionnaire on our site, you'll help us determine your eligibility. The sooner you do that, the sooner we can help you. Knowing if you are eligible for a K1 visa is really the first step. You may be in the market for a totally different kind of visa.

4. Don't Make Mistakes

Be accurate when filling out our questionnaire, and avoid hold-ups down the road. We highly recommend using our Premium Review Package, to avoid 99.7% of 'mistakes'. It's probably the best $75 you will ever spend to have peace of mind.

5. Include Adequate Proof of Your Relationship

Take lots of pictures together, keep receipts, and try to paint a picture of your relationship. See the video above for more evidence ideas. The point is, from the start, if you have a hunch you might want to marry this person, keep a trail of evidence showing your relationship, and you will avoid delays, and save time when you're ready to file.

6. Get Started Now

The sooner you get through the questionnaire and checkout, the sooner we can get the ball rolling. The clock starts once your questionnaire is done. Our Fiance Visa petition service includes support through the entire process until your fiancée arrives in the USA, not just the initial filing. Nobody processes your fiance visa petition faster.

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Make progress today

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