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Can I Select a Faster USCIS Processing Center?

“Is it possible to choose which USCIS office processes your spousal visa or to transfer? I’ve heard testimonies of some offices processing and faster than others.” Unfortunately, no you cannot choose the processing center or USCIS office where your paperwork is sent to. It’s going to be sent to one of two lock boxes either […]

K1 Embassy Interview Most Common Denial Reasons

With the fiance visa, the number one cause for denial is we see is the Affidavit of Support or proof of income. Income scrutiny is under the microscope since “extreme vetting” became the standard. These are out of concern that the applicant is possibly going to become a public charge and collect means-tested benefits. To […]

Which Visa Do I Apply For to Attend a Conference or Convention?

If you intend to visit the US to attend a conference or convention, the designated visa is the B1 visa, often manifesting in a B1/B2 visa for travel and tourism. To apply for this visa, the online form is called the DS-160. RapidVisa can assist for the small fee of $149. Your chances of tourist […]

When Should I Get My Adjustment of Status Medical Exam?

“I’m about to go through the AOS (adjustment of status) process. When is the best time to get the medical examination?” If the alien beneficiary entered on a K1, they should file for adjustment of status after getting married, but before the medical examination expires, which is one year from the time the DS-3025 was […]

How Long Should An RFE Take?

“How many days after we send them the RFE documents do we receive the NOA2?” First, NOA2 is Notice of Action 2, the approval notice. Currently, it’s usually about two to three weeks after submitting the requested documents along with the original RFE letter they’re issuing the approval notice. This is just an estimate, and […]

What Are My Chances of Getting An RFE On My K1 Visa? (New Tool!)

We have launched a free tool which allows K1 fiance visa applicants to gauge their possible risk level of receiving an RFE, or request for evidence. RFEs are more common than ever, so knowing your risk level might help give you ideas on building up your bona fides before applying. You can go to and […]

Trump Executive Order to Enforce Legal Responsibilities of Sponsors & Co-Sponsors

The White House recently issued a memorandum on the enforcement of legal responsibilities of immigrant sponsors & joint sponsors. The memo directs relevant federal agencies to update procedures, guidance, and regulations to comply with current law and ensure that ineligible immigrants do not receive federal means-tested benefits. So, what this means is, when you sponsor an […]

What Is the Philippines CFO Seminar?

“What is the CFO Seminar (Philippines) and why is it required?” The CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) Seminar is a Philippine government requirement for Filipinos leaving the country. It’s partially for their internal counting of people expatriating, but also it gives a crash-course on a few things Filipinos should know when emigrating out of the […]

K1 Visa If We Only Met Once?

“Is it possible to get approved for a K1 visa after just one visit?” Yes. And it’s quite common. In this day in age with our global community, many K1 applicants met using online dating sites. In these cases, often times they carry on a relationship for a long period of time before meeting physically. […]

Don’t Send Incomplete Petitions to RapidVisa’s Assembly Team!

Do I have to send my complete petition all at once to RapidVisa? Yes. If you’re using our service, we’re going to have a phone call with you, which we call the Premail Checklist. During this call, we will go through the documents and supporting evidence verbally with you to make sure you’re sending the right […]

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