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Don’t Bother Calling the NVC for at Least 60 Days

“It’s been 45 days since my documents have been qualified by NVC for CR1 case, but not received any interview appointment date. Could anyone please help me know why there is a delay?” If you go to the NVC website, they’re actually posting on there right now do not even contact them until after 60 […]

K1 Visa vs. CR1 Visa in the Philippines

“Is the paperwork different between the spousal visa and fiance visa in the Philippines” Yes. The two processes are as different as day and night. The forms are different, the process is different, and actually, the CR-1 spousal visa is a lot more complicated. But the nice thing about a spousal visa is it also […]

What If I Make a Mistake at My Embassy Interview?

“Is it true that you can be denied if you make mistakes during the interview at the U.S. Embassy in Manila?” Everything comes down to the discretion of the consular officer conducting the interview and asking the questions. If you’re filing for a fiance visa, they’re really looking to see that you truly intend to […]

Old I-693 Medical Exam Forms Soon to be Rejected

The USCIS has updated to a new version of form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. However, up until the time of this post, they are still accepting the old version of the form. Starting September 23, 2019, the USCIS will only accept the 07/15/19 edition. Until then, you can use the old […]

What Happens After My I-130 is Approved?

“My I-130 is approved, what is the next step? How will they contact me? I am the beneficiary.” Once your I-130 is approved for a spousal visa, the USCIS is going to send it on to the National Visa Center. Once they receive it, they will send you an email that contains an invoice for […]

Can I Visit My Fiancé Abroad While Her K1 Visa is Pending?

“Can my fiance come to visit me in Europe while K-1 visa is processing?” Of course, yes. In fact, you’re encouraged to visit as much as possible. For a US citizen visiting Europe, depending on the country, you likely won’t need a visa. Of course, this excludes countries like Ukraine and Russia, but most of […]

When Will I Get My Social Security Card After Adjustment of Status?

“How long does it take to receive your SSN once you apply for adjustment of status?” Based on our experience, most customers receive their SSN after they’ve received the combo card. At least, that’s what we’re seeing right now. They usually receive it one to two weeks after they receive their combo card. The combo […]

Should I Visit RapidVisa Manila Prior to My Interview?

RapidVisa helps thousands of families every year who never step foot into an office. The vast majority of our clients do everything online. Their only interactions with RapidVisa are online and via the mail. However, we do have an office located conveniently directly across the street from the US embassy in Manila on Roxas Boulevard, […]

How to Get a USCIS Appointment (InfoPass/InfoMod) in 2020

In the Ombudsman Report of 2019, we discover that the USCIS has quietly killed the InfoPass process for getting an in-person meeting with a USCIS agent to get an update about a dragged-out or stalled case. The process is now called InfoMod. In the past, the process was to set up an online appointment at […]

RapidVisa Las Vegas Ribbon Cutting Event

Below is footage from our corporate ribbon cutting event at our new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. A press release can be seen here.

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