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Immigration is rapidly changing in the United States. We have partnered with Boundless, which provides in-depth immigration news and is updated almost daily. We’ve pulled out some of those news items for further analysis below.


Marriage Green Cards, Explained

How to get a green card through marriage Green Card (Marriage) Congratulations on your marriage! If you and your spouse plan to live permanently together in the United States, the next big thing on your mind may be applying for a marriage green card. Not sure if you qualify to apply? Start by checking your […]

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U.S. to Reopen Canada and Mexico Land Borders For Vaccinated Travelers

White House says it will lift ban in early November The U.S. government will lift travel restrictions at its land borders with Canada and Mexico starting in November for fully vaccinated travelers, reuniting families who have been separated since March 2020. All travelers hoping to enter the United States at a land border crossing will […]

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Translation of Non-English Documents for Immigration Purposes

Learn how to obtain certified English translations for your green card application. This article was provided by RushTranslate, a company that helps individuals and businesses with translation services. When applying for your green card, you will need to include various supporting documents with your application. If those documents are in a language other than English, […]

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How to Navigate the U.S. Healthcare System as an Immigrant

Get the details about health insurance, eligibility, and answers to frequently asked questions In the United States, health insurance helps you and your family access necessary care, and it protects you from unaffordable medical bills. But healthcare can be confusing for immigrants because there isn’t a single form of health insurance in the United States. […]

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Canada and US Start Loosening Border Travel Restrictions

Plans to fully reopen in coming weeks Pandemic travel restrictions between the United States and Canada will start to loosen, with plans to fully reopen in coming weeks, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday during a news conference. Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can return to Canada […]

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Form I-130, Explained

Information about processing times, cost, and requirements for the "Petition for Alien Relative" What is USCIS Form I-130? Form I-130 (officially called the “Petition for Alien Relative”) establishes that a valid family relationship exists between a U.S. citizen or green card holder and a person seeking a green card. This form is often simply referred […]

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How to Use the Reciprocity Schedule for Non-U.S. Documents

Step-by-step instructions (with images) for accessing the State Department’s Reciprocity Schedule — plus helpful tips What is the Reciprocity Schedule? The Reciprocity Schedule — maintained by the U.S. Department of State — provides specific guidance for obtaining supporting (civil) documents for green card applications. It shows the availability of a document, where and how much […]

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Black Immigrants in the United States: Status, Challenges, and Impacts

RapidVisa report uses public data to examine the state of Black immigrants in the U.S. Black Immigrants Are Part of the U.S. Immigrant Experience The Black immigrant experience in the United States is shaped not only by where people come from and what they experience when they arrive, but also the deep-rooted history of Black […]

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New Document Reveals Biden’s Far-Reaching Plans to Expand Legal Immigration

Blueprint obtained by the NY Times show the president's ambitious immigration agenda President Biden has already made significant strides in rebuilding the legal immigration system, and a new document obtained by the New York Times shows how far-reaching his ambitions are to make the United States more welcoming to immigrants. The 46-page document, called "DHS […]

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A list of countries where U.S. residents — both citizens and legal permanent residents — can travel to during the pandemic

As more Americans get vaccinated, the lure of international travel beckons. Maybe there’s a loved one or partner who lives in another country that you are really eager to see. So, where can you go? Below is a list of countries where U.S. residents — both citizens and legal residents — can travel (as of […]

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