"My CR1 visa was sent back to the USCIS on February 26th, no feedback yet. What can be the issue? Everything was legitimate, my husband is a citizen and we've been married since December 2016."

Unfortunately, we're hearing this all too often from many of our applicants and more so probably in the last 6 or 12 months where cases are being set back.

Why Are Cases Usually Sent Back?

  1. Because the consular officer did not have enough information or evidence to adjudicate the case.
  2. In the interview process, the consular officer discovers new information that maybe they felt was not made available to the USCIS

They can make a couple of decisions, they can either revoke the case, they can deny it, they can reaffirm it and send it back to the US embassy for adjudication. But unfortunately what we're seeing lately is that they are just saying "hey, your approval notices expired, case is closed".

As far what you can do, unfortunately you just have to wait for that final decision. You need to see that letter and know what's going on. Also, if the alien beneficiary was found to be ineligible, you need to know why. What the cause of denial was, or why they were eligible, and the reason for that is 'cause if you go to reapply for the fiance visa or spousal visa, you may be denied again for the same reason or reasons. If you apply again, you need to be able to overcome those reasons.

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