K1 Visa If We Only Met Once?

21 Jun 2019

“Is it possible to get approved for a K1 visa after just one visit?”

Yes. And it’s quite common. In this day in age with our global community, many K1 applicants met using online dating sites. In these cases, often times they carry on a relationship for a long period of time before meeting physically. The K1 visa 2-year meeting requirement only explicitly deals with if you have physically met in person at least once in the past 2 years. It doesn’t speak to how long you’ve known each other or how many times you have met in person. However, number of trips and length of relationship are definitely factors that play into the totality of your bona fides. In other words, these issues in and of themselves aren’t a deal breaker, but if the rest of your case is weak, you may have an issue.

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