When applying for a K1 fiancé visa, the sponsor needs to have met their fiancé in person sometime during the 24-month period ending on the date they file their K1 visa request (Form I-129F).

The sponsor must provide evidence of having met their fiancé during the two-year period prior to filing the K1 Visa petition. Evidence can include:

  • Photos showing you together on dates within the 24-month period.
  • Plane, bus, or train tickets showing visits between you.
  • Hotel receipts and credit card receipts showing you were together.

There is no definite set of evidence. Anything that shows you have had a genuine relationship and have met each other in person within the previous 24 months can be used as evidence.

Photos do help prove the relationship, but the applicant can’t count on them alone to show they have known their partner for at least two years. Another way to prove the duration of the relationship is for the sponsor to have entry and exit stamps in their passport. The in-person meeting requirement is often a reason used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for rejecting K1 visa petitions.

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