After check-in of applicants at the entry gate applicants will proceed to the Pavilion where they will submit their documents for data entry. Each applicant will receive a number. When you number is called you proceed to the appropriate window for finger scanning. After finger scanning documents including the DS-156 application for a nonimmigrant visa and passport will be returned to you for presentation to the interviewing officer.

You should present only you DS-156 and passport to the interviewing officer. If additional documents are required the officer will ask for them.

Embassy personnel are available to provide assistance at each stage.

The U.S. Embassy in Manila does not pre-qualify an applicant. Only an adjudicating consular officer at the time of the interview can determine whether an applicant is eligible for a nonimmigrant visa.

All ten of your fingers will be electronically scanned in an inkless process at the beginning of the visa interview. The electronic data from the fingerprints will be stored in a database. This information will be available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security immigration officers at ports of entry in the United States as part of the US-VISIT Program. The biometric identifier will be checked at the port of entry in the United States to verify that are the same person to whom the visa was issued.

Non-compliance with the requirements mentioned above will result in the non-processing of the visa application. All applicants are interviewed at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. The Consular Agency in Cebu and the virtual consulate in Davao do not process visa applications.

Applicants who require interpreters must inform the interviewing officer on the day of their interview. The Embassy will provide an interpreter. There is no need to bring a relative or a friend to act as an interpreter.

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In a typical 8-hour day a consular officer may interview 150 applicants or more which allows about 3 minutes per applicant. The forms you provide contain most of the information needed to adjudicate the K1 or K3 visa. Additional documents are examined only if the consular officer needs to obtain further clarification of the applicant’s situation.

Upon the conclusion of the interview you will be advised if you qualify for the visa.

Depending on the volume of the visa issuances of the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit visa processing after the interview usually takes at least one week. After the one-week visa processing the actual delivery of a passport (they will keep your passport after the interview) with a visa may take longer depending on your delivery address. You can request an early issuance of your visa but you must do it during the interview. The interviewing officer will decide if your justification warrants an expedited visa.

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