K1 Fiancé Visa Medical Exam – What Would Disqualify Me?

29 Dec 2017

What kinds of things do they test for in the medical exam for a K1 visa? What would disqualify my fiance? Well, the first thing they are looking for is communicable diseases. So they do take a blood test. They take a chest x-ray and those are the main things that they are looking for. We’ve also seen reports where they were looking to see if females were pregnant and if they were they notified the fiance, the petitioner and they had to sign some type of a waiver stating they were aware of that. In some cases, we’ve seen RFEs come back or even denial letters come back for drug use. So obviously that’s tested in the blood test. So those are some things that could cause someone to get denied is drug use or something like that, or having a communicable disease.

In some cases we’ve seen where they’ve actually had the applicant come back for a follow up exam or test, if you will and in some cases that can delay the interview. They can postpone it for a period of time but in most cases, usually the medical exam doesn’t cause a denial. Usually there maybe a waiting period or something. The only one I’ve seen where a medical exam caused a denial was with drug use.

And you know the best thing to do is go out to the USCIS website and find the form … There’s a specific form used for the medical exam. It’s an I693. So if you go to uscis.gov/forms and scroll down there you’ll find the I693 and you download it and look at it and you’ll see exactly what it is. What they are worried about. They’re looking for communicable diseases, specifically, but not limited to but some of the ones they specifically mention are tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea. Being HIV positive is specifically not a reject-able criteria and they also look for mental or physical disabilities that might be harmful. I assume that means harmful to other people. I don’t know but take a look at that form, you’ll see exactly what’s filled out. That’s what the doctor fills out and sends in. So now you know after looking at that, you would know exactly what they are looking for.


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