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If your Fiancée, wife or parent is in China, Hong Kong or Macau you need RapidVisa. We process more Chinese family visas in one month than other processor do in a full year. We are the China to USA Visa Experts. Nobody has more up-to-date information on the Chinese visa process than RapidVisa.

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China Fiancé VisaThe process for bringing a family member to the USA from China is entirely a United States government process. The Chinese government is not involved in any way. All required government documents are in English only. Chinese companies have no access to the U.S. embassy and can't go with you to the embassy interview or call them on your behalf. For this reason we strongly suggest you avoid Chinese owned visa companies. A Chinese owned and based visa company will not properly understand how the U.S. government works and will not be able to help you once you leave China. We all know just how complicated U.S. government forms are. It is just not possible for a person who did not grow up in the United States and whose native language is not English to fully understand the forms and instructions. If you pay a Chinese company for visa services and are not satisfied, it is nearly impossible to get a refund or to pursue legal action against that company. Even if you don't use the services of RapidVisa, please only deal with a company that is American owned and has a physical office in the United States.

Nobody, including RapidVisa has any "pull" or "influence" with any U.S. embassy. Most Chinese visa companies claim to have a relationship with the U.S. embassy and some even claim to employ former U.S. consulate officers. None of this is true and if it was it would likely be illegal. Chinese citizens are quite used to corrupt or influenceable government employees and so they often believe this hype about the U.S. embassy. It is your right to receive a visa for your legitimate family member. You don't need to cheat, bribe or overpay anybody to claim this benefit. Just get the paperwork right and your visa will be granted. Don't look for shortcuts or special treatment because there are none (at least none that are legal).

Chinese consultation line:

Toll Free:
400-073-0599 (From China)
702-866-9718 (From the U.S)
12:00 AM to 9:00 AM China Time, Tuesday – Saturday

China Contact Us

Consulate Website

Important Information for the China Embassy Interview

The Guangzhou U.S. Consulate General is now in a new modern facility in the Zhujiang New Town neighborhood of Guangzhou. All interviews are done at this location. The entrance is located on Huaxia Road near Zhujiang New Town Metro Station Exit B1.

Schedule Your Guangzhou Visa Interview
After you have completed the steps on the Immigrant Visa Process on travel.state.gov, the National Visa Center (NVC) will conduct preliminary processing on your case. Your case will then be forwarded to U.S. Consulate Guangzhou for pre-interview processing, after which you will receive a notification to complete the required immigrant visa application form (DS-160) and prepare the necessary documents. Once your case becomes qualified for an interview, you will be notified to go to visa application services to schedule an interview. Give us a call for help.

Immigrant Visa Instructions (external link to U.S. Embassy Guangzhou)
For CR-1 & IR-1 Spousal Visas, CR-2 and IR-2 Child Visas and IR-5 Parent Visas

Fiancee Visa Instructions (external link to U.S. Embassy Guangzhou)
For K-1 Fiancee Visas and K-2 Child Visas

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Testimonials from China

We would like to thank Rapid Visa for a job well done on helping us get through our CR1 visa application. The staff was always very helpful and quick to respond to any concerns we had. They were always friendly and made the process super easy. We were approved for our visa on October 16th 2017. We couldn’t have done it with out you. Thank you Rapid Visa.

~ Matthew and Theresa Stevens

Matthew and TheresaPhilippines / United States of America

There was a lot of paperwork and waiting but without Rapid Visa it would have been difficult and perhaps longer for me and my Asawa ko (wife).

It all worked out in the end and I am with my lovely wife and we can finally start our new life together 🙂 Thank you Rapid Visa!

~ John and Joanne Jimenez

John and JoannePhilippines / United States of America

Hi Sir Albert and to all the rest of our Rapid Visa friends. It is more than an honor to be a part of one of the most meaningful programs of our life. It will be even 2nd and 3rd generation and generations to come to have such a special story of our lives that transpired. Thanks for being there to assist changing our lives, along with our good lord blessings first and foremost among all things made possible to happen. I appreciate all our fellow member and worker of Rapid Visa, more than words defined. And you Sir Albert. So happy and welcome you are to our humble home.

I'm happy my dear honey and wife now were able to treat you while still there to our home and appreciation with our deepest regard. Ever since the day our good lord blessed me and us with my Asawa, it was the greatest day of our life. And I made sure to always step out on and keep my faith, heart, mind, and love everlasting. It is he that can only bestow upon us with everlasting life with his love for us all. It is an ever longing journey, that we are trialed with tribulation through out life. Yet, it is said there are someone in this world for everyone. And now our lifelong dream has come true thus far. And now our thanks and deepest regards are always with you Rapid Visa. And a memorable moment we will cherish forever in our lives. I want to say and express more, yet, its early morning now here and still feeling a little sleepy hehe. I will be text writing soon in the near future.

On contrast till then, take care always believe and not ever stop. Greatest wishes and with prayer and blessing to everyone from myself and my wife always...… P.S. Your the greatest Rapid Visa.

~ Martrez and Wilma

Martrez and WilmaPhilippines / United States of America