Which Birth Certificate Do I Submit With the I-130?

28 Dec 2017

Do you need a long or short form birth certificate for the I-130? And how do I know, which one I have? I have a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad).

The short answer is that you need the long form. You’ll know whether it’s the long form or the short form depending on if it includes both parent’s names and information. But to be sure, you definitely need your birth certificate with both parent’s names on it. Some of those short forms do not include that information. Because we work with almost every other country on earth, and every country is different, the formats that these birth certificates come in vary greatly. Some countries don’t refer to short form or long form.

If you want an absolute definitive answer, see the State Department page (U.S. Visa: Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country)

One important note is to never send an original birth certificate to the USCIS. Only send a photocopy.

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