Can I Use Social Security Disability (SSDI) as Income to Sponsor an Alien?

04 Apr 2018

“Do Social Security Disability payments count towards the income requirement when bringing my fiance or spouse to the USA?” Income is income. Regardless of the source of the income, you can still count it and still use it. You must provide proof and evidence of income. Having said that though, if you look at the affidavit of support, the forms and the instructions, they’re really looking for employee-based income. That’s why they ask for tax returns. I can also tell you from experience because we’ve processed thousands of these, that everything comes down to the discretion of the adjudicating officer or consular officer reviewing your case. It is up to them as to whether they accept the income or not and/or whether they accept the proof and evidence of your income. Submit all the sources of income that you have and provide all the supporting documents for that income.

The bottom line is, you must meet the income requirements. In some cases when you’re using benefits to meet the income requirement, the benefits aren’t quite as high as the minimum required income. Just make sure it’s above that. Make sure that you have the supporting documents and evidence to back up any type of income that you use.

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