Can I Apply for Citizenship With a Conditional Green Card?

06 Oct 2017

Okay let’s see Che-Che Acote Quisada asks, “My daughter and I received our green card May of 2015, should we renew our green card this coming May? Or can I apply for citizenship instead of renewing the green card? Thanks in advance.”

Well yeah you can’t … So we’re assuming that you have a conditional green card cause you’re asking should you renew it? Which a regular green card’s good for 10 years, so if you just came here? And you received a conditional green card, which means you are not married to the U.S. citizen or green card holder for more than two years? You would get what’s called a conditional green card. It has a two year expiration.

The other green cards have 10 years. So if you have a two year expiring green card, the answer is you’re gonna have to renew. Because if you came here based on marriage to a U.S. citizen or green card holder, you have to have held a green card for three years before you can apply for citizenship. Which is really a good deal because for most everybody else is five years. But you don’t get to shortcut it. It’d be nice to go from conditional green card directly to citizenship application but that’s not possible. You’re gonna have to renew that conditional green card. And here’s something that’s really critical, you’ve got to get that application in, in the 90 days before that expires. So look at your conditional green card. It has an expiration date on it. Back up 90 days, that’s when you wanna send your green card renewal in. Is in that 90 day window. Don’t send it before, they’ll send it back.


And don’t send it after because you’d give yourself a bunch of trouble now. You want it within that 90 day window, which is just right at the beginning of that 90 day window you’ll wanna send it. And yeah unfortunately you will have to apply, get the 10 year green card. And then once you’ve held that for a year, so that your total time of holding a green card is two years, you can then apply for citizenship.

There’s a lot of timelines here, I really recommend calling in. We have a live chat as well. We could answer a little bit more in detail.

Yeah that’s right.

And we help out with both. We help out renewing your green card, if you are a C.R., conditional resident or if you’re applying for citizenship.

Right and again, I’ll state, “The key is, don’t miss that window.”


If you do, your green card expires. Now you’re starting over. You would likely have to do a whole another CR1 and you probably get through that and get it approved. But it’s gonna be a lot of pain and money. So don’t miss that gap.


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