What NVC Documents Do I Send to My Spouse?

17 Feb 2018

My wife and I are RapidVisa customers. Our CR1 spouse petition was approved a few days ago. As a beneficiary and a RapidVisa customer, I want to know what are the documents I must send/mail to my wife for her to submit along with her civil documents on NVC. In other words, what are the missing required documents I must send to my wife at this time? Well, since you are a RapidVisa customer it’s always best to give us a call because we could give you better information. Basically, if you have already done what you are asked to in your online questionnaire, that’s the way to start it. Basically it gives us a little headway on doing the DS-160 on your sid,e but it’s always best to just take the questionnaire through your online account or just give us a call for further information which is always best.

Just to add to that, the National Visa Center will send you a detailed checklist. Once your petition is approved through the USCIS, they’ll forward your case onto the National Visa Center and then you’re going to receive an invoice for payments and then once you pay those fees you’ll receive a checklist of documents. There’s two sets of documents that you’ll need to provide to the National Visa Center. The first one is called the financial documents and your affidavit of support, and we fill that out for you of course.  Then you’ll also have a packet with civil documents.  Civil documents can be birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, security clearances, background checks, things like that. But you will receive a detailed checklist, and we recommend sending exactly what they’re asking for on that checklist and not too much other supporting documents or evidence. A lot of the other evidence for your relationship and things like that can also be taken to the embassy. But again, as Ramon said, you can also give us a call or wait for that checklist from the National Visa Center.

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