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Financial documents are financial evidence that support information provided at Affidavit of Support. They are required to submitted to NVC or USCIS after completing Form I-864, I-864A, or I-864EZ. Depending on source of income, financial documents include but not limited to:

If you are employed:

  • Employment letter includes your name and company's name indicating annual income or hourly pay and hours worked per week
  • Pay stubs
  • IRS tax transcript or tax returns with all W-2s

If you are self-employed/independent contractor

  • Business license photocopy
  • A signed letter on business letterhead with projected current income
  • Bank statements showing income generated from business
  • IRS tax transcript or tax returns with all 1099s

If you are retired

  • SSA earning statement showing the coverage
  • Award letter from the administration for retirees
  • Bank statements showing deposits from pensions/benefits
  • IRS tax transcript or letter of non-filing

If you are using assets

  • Documents lists your name as the owner (title or deed)
  • Documents includes the value of asset expressed in currency (appraisal from an independent licensed appraiser)


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