B1/B2 Tourist Visa

What Is a B2 Visa?

The B2 visa, also referred to as a tourist visa, allows entry into the U.S. for tourist activities, such as sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, obtaining medical treatment, attending conferences and meetings.

A holder of a tourist visa may engage in the following activities while in the United States:

– Go on a holiday in the United States
– Visit friends and family that reside in the US
– Tour different cities and attractions of the United States
– Visit in order to receive medical treatment
– Participate events that are related to sports or music
– Take part in social events held by organizations
– Enroll in short-term courses for which you won’t be receiving any credit (for example, a cooking class)

B2 Visa Requirements

To qualify for the B2 travel visa, one must prove that:

The purpose of the trip is to tour the U.S.
The visitor has a permanent residence in their home country that they have no intention of abandoning
The visitor has binding ties to their home country in the form of property, family, or a permanent job
The visitor is not coming to the U.S. to provide services or engage in business activities that are primarily for the benefit of a U.S. employer
The visitor has sufficient financial resources to fund the trip including all travel, accommodation and living expenses during their stay in the U.S.

What Is a B1 Visa?

A B1 Visa is very similar to the B2 but for the purpose of business. The B-1 visa is suitable for short-term visits, less than 90 days, with no salary, for the purpose of lab observation, business meetings and conferences, training, medical clerkships, or one-time lectures. If the foreign national will conduct research, the B-1 is not appropriate.

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