How Many Times Do I Have to Meet My Fiancé & How Do I Prove it?

31 Jan 2018

Reyna asks: “How many times do we have to physically be with each other (traveling to his country in the Dominican Republic) before we can apply for a k1 visa, and exactly what does RapidVisa need for prove that this is real?”

You just have to meet one time. If it’s anything above beyond that, obviously it’s even better, of course. There are no minimum required visits. As far as proof: There’s not even a minimum list or a government checklist that we could share with you that says, “you need exactly this, this and this” to prove them legitimate relationship.

What they’re looking at is the totality of the evidence. Having said that, what we have learned in the over 40,000 cases that we’ve done, what things do seem to work every time. That would include, of course, pictures. Obviously, they’re a little less important on spousal visas. On the k1 visa, they’re critical. You’re going to have a difficult time convincing the consular officer, especially nowadays when we all have a good phone with a good camera in our pocket, that your relationship is legitimate without pictures. We’ve had people try to, believe it or not, even in this day and age. People who travel to a foreign country and then say “We didn’t bother taking pictures.”, That’s almost unbelievable, really. The reality is in today’s world you can’t stop people from taking pictures it seems, and you’re going to spend a lot of money and make a long trip and you’re not going to take pictures? Nobody there, not even the family took any? Pictures are number one. Next would be your means of travel – usually that’s airfare. You want to hang on to the tickets purchased – the boarding passes – that show you were actually on the plane. You’ve probably got a hotel receipt and you’ve probably got receipts from other activities during your trip. Then, your passport, which is almost always going to be stamped. That would be an entry stamp and for most countries, although not the United States, an exit stamp. Those stamps are very important because that’s third party government evidence that you are in that country and it of course has the date. The date’s important because it has to be not more than two years ago since the last time you’ve seen each other.

So, for example, if you saw each other 25 months ago, that’s not going to work – there’s no grace period. You’ll have to make another trip again. Honestly, it’s more about proving that you have met at this point than it is about proving the relationships is real. The part where you’re proving the relationship is real becomes more critical at the embassy interview, not at the initial application. If you’re using RapidVisa, we’re going to give you an extensive list of things you can use and then you can always ask us.

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