Getting a Philippine Death Certificate

27 Jan 2011

Death certificates can be obtained on security paper (preferred method) from the PSA or at

Certified copies can be obtained from local civil registrars.  As in the cases of birth and marriage certificates of deaths occurring since 1946 are obtainable from the National Census and Statistics Office. Death certificates before 1946 are maintained at the National Archives Division National Library Building at T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita Manila. Issuance of a death certificate takes approximately five working days for which there is a fee of 115 Pesos in person or 200 Pesos by mail.

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7 Thoughts on “Getting a Philippine Death Certificate

  1. Alexander recto says:

    My mother died july 8,2018,what month we can get the death certificate from PSA

  2. Fritsie Saribong says:

    My husband died last march 18,2019. what month can i get PSA death certificate?

  3. Rita Palma says:

    A client died in 2004 outside the country ,(Cyprus). The deceased has death certificate issued in the country where he died; but no records shown in PSA. How can we get a copy or how can we process for PSA to record his death

  4. Lucia Maine says:

    Just a question, an unmarried couple who live together, and if her partner was.previously married also in the philippines, in case her partner dies, is the present partner (the girl) able to request his death certificate since they are not legally married or is it only the legal wife able to obtain this certificate?

  5. Tin says:

    My father died last march 29, 2019 when i get the PSA death cert.? What month pls…

  6. Elizabeth ybiernas says:

    My husband by law passed away in the Philippines how do i obtain a dealth certificate i live in the United states of america

  7. OFELIA says:

    My brother died last September 14, 2019. When can I get his PSA death certificate?

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