Administrative Processing at the U.S. Embassy

03 Oct 2019

“I attended my CR-1 interview last week. At the end of the interview, the consular collected my passport and said we’d get back to you in two weeks. My case is now placed on administrative processing. Are they going to deny me? They didn’t give me anything.”

Administrative processing does not mean that it’s denied or approved. It just means that they need more time to review the documents, supporting evidence, and the overall case in order to make a decision. Within the last six to twelve months, a significant portion of cases (perhaps a third) go into some kind of administrative processing. That’s not uncommon and it’s usually not anything to get overly concerned about.

They’re just scrutinizing the case a little more. A lot of times its also because a consular officer didn’t feel like he or she could approve it so they escalate it up to a supervisor level. In most cases, if they needed more supporting evidence, they would issue another letter. Usually it’s called a 221(g). You may still get that because it’s at their discretion. They can submit an RFE at any time.

We’ve also seen cases where they were under administrative processing for four to six weeks and then next thing you know they receive a communication indicating the case was being returned to USCIS.

Stay Proactive & Contact the Embassy

You want to keep in contact with them because as long as you’re proactive with the case, they’ll keep it open. But unfortunately, you won’t know the outcome until they make a decision (recommendation to revoke/approval). Check the status online and also, you can try contacting the U.S. Embassy. Please keep in mind that some of the embassies are very difficult to get a hold of. A lot of times you’ll only receive a recording when you call and it’s very difficult to get through. So you just have to be patient. A lot of times, you just rely on that online status. Also, most of the embassies have an online inquiry that’s an email address and we’ve heard that some customers have achieved success with that that they can get a reply within a day or two. You may try that as well.

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