What If Fiancé Gets Pregnant During K1 Visa?

16 Feb 2018

The first question of this week is from Dave and it states “What happens if my foreign fiance gets pregnant in the middle of the process?”

The answer to this is basically your visa does continue with the process just the same. Pregnancy can be used as a as an additional evidence of bona fide or good-faith relationship, of course now
the US citizen may be required to sign a statement acknowledging the pregnancy and in some cases even asked for a DNA test, just to make sure that the child is in fact theirs, of course.

That’s the important thing to remember is that they do have to probably have to sign an affidavit stating that they are aware of the pregnancy and that she’s requested by the consular officer.

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One Thought on “What If Fiancé Gets Pregnant During K1 Visa?

  1. My fiance an I started the k1 process in April 6th and it looks like we are a few weeks away from getting a resolution (Finally!!!).
    He came over a few weeks ago and we had a religious (not legal) wedding ceremony.
    Long story short, I just found out I’m pregnant. Does that affect my eligibility? What happens when the baby comes and we don’t have enough money for the hospital considering that I can’t have any medical benefits in the US? If i have the baby here, how will the visa process will be for the baby?
    I’m really nervous, please help me.

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