What Are Likely Causes of Spousal Visa Denial?

02 Feb 2018

“What are the most common reasons for a spousal visa denial?” The number one thing that trips people up would be finances. Most are approved – certainly if they’re done correctly and not defective in the submission itself. Another way to ask this question could be “if  I do everything right, I completely and properly prepare the paperwork or have somebody like RapidVisa prepare the paperwork, what are my odds?” Then the other is of course the overall approval rate, meaning people who don’t do it correctly, don’t apply correctly, obviously you are going to get denied. But among the people who apply correctly, finances are what get people in the most trouble. You do have to meet the income requirements – one hundred twenty five percent of poverty level for most people – and you can use a joint sponsor and there’s things you can try to do if your income is a little lite. That’s the number one problem we see people have.

Once you go down from there, the odds or the reasons start to drop way off. Way on down the list somewhere you run into things like: the consular officer didn’t believe the relationship was real – and that one is tough. In our experience though, if you do have a legitimate relationship and you’ve got a little time in it, approaching a year so, you’re probably not going to have any problem. Every once in awhile, we see that one but, again far away it’s the finances. There’s dozens of their obscure reasons like criminal convictions, but that stuff’s so far down the list that it’s really not going to apply to most people.

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