He Used Me For a Green Card! Can I Prevent Green Card Renewal?

Sonya asks: “My ex-husband only married me for immigration purposes. Basically he just used me to get a green card. Is it possible for me to stop him from renewing his green card?”

If your marriage is less than two years old when the permanent residence was granted, you received what is called a conditional green card (a green card with conditions). That means that the card is valid for two years.

After that, you have to renew the card within 90 days of the green card expiring. If you don’t sponsor the person or the applicant, your ex-spouse, then they would likely
be denied for removal of conditions because the sole purpose of placing conditions on this green card is to ensure that you have a bona fide, legitimate marriage. And in this case, you didn’t have a bonafide, legitimate relationship or marriage. So in most cases, it will probably be denied. If you want more information regarding that, you may want to contact the USCIS. If your spouse already received a green card, you likely couldn’t have that canceled, and if you already submitted the application for removal of conditions, there’s not much you can do if the USCIS decides to issue that green card.

But if you have not submitted the application for removal of conditions, most certainly you could definitely impede the process there or stop it.

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended as legal advice and is provided for general information only.Questions involving interpretation of specific U.S. laws should be addressed to an attorney and/or government officials.

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