"Why is the removal of conditions taking so long this year?"

Everything is taking longer this year in regards to immigration, and it's really because of the Trump administration. Wherever you're at politically, elections matter. Right now we have an administration that is anti-immigration, and they campaigned on that so it shouldn't be any surprise to anybody. When you have an administration that's anti-immigration, immigration is obviously going to slow down. And this applies to legal immigration. It has nothing to do with illegal immigration. At various times, the president has proposed that they would like to decrease the channels of legal immigration, reducing it by nearly 50%. Regardless of what you may have heard, the stance does not simply affect illegal immigration.

What they've done is really tighten up the process. Everybody's getting more vetting. Everything is being reviewed more than ever before. Everything is just being looked at more closely, causing it to take much longer. As you may or may not have known, the process has always been long and difficult, but now it's even more so. We are not seeing an increase in denials by RapidVisa customers, however it's possible that overall denials are up.

It's not just removal of conditions. It's immigration processes across the board. We've added months to our timelines since we got the new administration. That's just how it is. Eventually we'll move on to another administration. If they have the opposite view things will speed up, so depending on where you're at politically, maybe that's good, maybe that's bad. We don't take a side on that. All we'll say is right now it's slower. As long as we have this administration you can expect it to continue to be slow and maybe even get worse. There isn't much that can be done to speed it up, but that is the answer about why it's taking longer.

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