How to Bring Your Partner’s Filipino Children to the US

22 May 2015

U.S. citizens may petition their fiance or spouse to join them in the United States. In many cases, the fiance or spouse may have children that wish to accompany or “follow-to-join” them. If the child(ren) is unmarried and young enough, they may qualify to join or follow-to-join. This post will give you a starting point on what the ins and outs of bringing Filipino children along with their parent.

Filipino mother and daughter

Children of K-1 Visa Holders

Children of a K-1 holder would be eligible for a K-2 visa if they plan on accompanying the parent, or plan to follow-to-join as long as:

They are unmarried
They are under age 21

Children of CR-1 Spousal Visa Holders

Children of a CR-1 holder would be eligible for a CR-2 visa if they plan on accompanying the parent, or plan to follow-to-join as long as:

The child is unmarried
You married before the child turned 18
You filed the CR-2 petition before the child turned 21

Depending on who has custody of the child(ren) and your particular situation, the U.S. Embassy/Consulate may want to see evidence that the alien fiance or spouse has received the requisite permission to travel outside the country with his or her child(ren). Usually this is accomplished with a court order or a notarized letter written by the child’s other parent indicating his or her consent for the child to travel with the alien fiance or spouse.

If your fiance or spouse and their ex-spouse have joint custody and/or the children are legitimate and both biological parents are listed on the children’s birth certificates, you may require a court order allowing the children to immigrate to the US or a notarized document from the biological parents allowing the children to immigrate to the US. Check with the local U.S. Embassy/Consulate for the required documents.

Filipino Kids

Important Note: Check your own country’s law on removing your children if their other parent is staying behind.

If you are planning to bring children of your fiance or spouse to the United States it will be up to your fiance or spouse to comply with their country’s custody requirements. Even if the children are legally in your fiance’s or spouse’s custody they may be required to obtain a court order or written consent from the other parent for you to take the children out of their country.

Custody of Children

Under Philippine law, a child born out of wedlock is illegitimate. Being illegitimate, the parental authority over his/her person is vested in his/her mother as outlined in the Family Code of the Philippines, which provides:

Family-Code-of-the-PhilippinesArticle 176

Illegitimate children shall use the surname and shall be under the parental  authority of their mother, and shall be entitled to support in conformity with this Code.

However, illegitimate children may use the surname of their father if their filiation has been expressly recognized by the father through the record of birth appearing in the civil register, or when an admission in a public document or private handwritten instrument is made by the father.

Thus, the custody of an illegitimate child shall always remain with his/her mother. This is his/her mother’s inherent right, which the latter cannot be denied of, unless there is a compelling reason which renders her unfit to exercise such right.

Only the most compelling of reasons, such as the mother’s unfitness to exercise sole parental authority, shall justify her deprivation of parental authority and the award of custody to someone else. In the past, the following grounds have been considered ample justification to deprive a mother of custody and parental authority: neglect or abandonment, unemployment, immorality, habitual drunkenness, drug addiction, maltreatment of the child, insanity, and affliction with a communicable disease.

The act of recognizing an illegitimate by the father gives rise only for the opportunity to obligate the latter to give support to the child but it does not bestow upon the father the right to demand the custody of the child.

If the father has an existing visitation or custody arrangement approved in court then he may take steps to prevent the child from leaving the country including alerting the Bureau of Immigration. There is no specific guarantee against this move because the father has a right to have access to his minor child.

Note: If the child or children bears the surname of the father the mother should be prepared to show proof of her relationship to the child or children usually a birth certificate.

Legitimate Children

Family-Code-of-the-PhilippinesArticle 255

Children born after one hundred and eighty days following the celebration of the marriage, and before three hundred days following its dissolution or the separation of the spouses shall be presumed to be legitimate.

Children conceived or born during the marriage of the parents are legitimate. Legitimate children shall have the right to bear the surnames of the father and the mother.

Illegitimate Children

Family-Code-of-the-PhilippinesArticle 165

Children conceived and born out of a valid marriage are illegitimate, unless otherwise provided in the Family Code, Illegitimate children as defined under the Civil Code of the Philippines who were born prior to August 3, 1988 and whose births were not previously registered shall be registered under the following rules in addition to those provided for delayed registration of births:

Recognition or acknowledgement of an illegitimate child may be made jointly by the father and mother or by only one of them (Art. 276 C. C.) When the father or the mother makes the recognition separately, he or she shall not reveal the name of the person with whom he or she had the child; neither shall he or she state any circumstance whereby the other parent may be identified (Art. 280, C. C.)

An illegitimate child has the right to bear the surname of the parent recognizing him (par. 1, Art. 282, C. C.) However, an illegitimate child who is not recognized or acknowledged by both parents in accordance with law shall be registered under the surname of the mother (Opinion No. 147 S. 1986, Minister of Justice).

Recognition shall be made in the record of birth, a will, statement before a record, or any authentic writing (Art. 278, C. C.). If made on record of birth at the time of registration the affidavit of acknowledgement printed at the back of the certificate of live birth shall be signed and sworn to jointly by the parents of the illegitimate child, or only by the mother if the father refuses (Sec. 5, Act No. 3753).

Travel Clearance for Minors

dswdA DSWD travel clearance is a document that is required by Filipino children below the age of 18 who intend to leave the country with someone other than their parents. It’s issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Note: A travel clearance is not needed if the minor is traveling with at least one of their parents. 

The mother has absolute parental discretion over any “illegitimate” children by the above definition. That means the father would need to secure a court order to have any ounce of custody.

If the child is the subject of an ongoing custody battle, they wouldn’t be eligible to be issued a travel clearance unless a court order is issued. You will be responsible for notifying the Bereau of Immigration to include the name of the child in the watchlist.

Traveling with Minors

When traveling with minors, there are a few things that you will want to prepare for in advance. Here is a list of a few items to help you prepare:

  • Your child or children will need a valid passport with at least 6 months left in its expiration period. Always check passports for expiration dates and apply for a renewal passport at the earliest opportunity.
  • Parents with pending child custody cases should first obtain a favorable order from the court regarding any foreign travel to avoid being stopped at the airport (port of exit).
  • Make photocopies of the children’s passports and keep them with you in the event a passport is lost. This can facilitate applications for new ones in case of loss or renewal.


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Disclaimer: The contents of this post were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Immigration is constantly changing, and old information often becomes outdated, including procedures, timelines, prices, and more. Take note of the publish date. For archival purposes, these posts will remain published, even if new information renders them obsolete. Do not make important life decisions based on this content. No part of this post should be considered legal advice, as RapidVisa is not a law firm. This content is provided free of charge for informational purposes only. If anything herein conflicts with an official government website, the official government website shall prevail.

21 Thoughts on “How to Bring Your Partner’s Filipino Children to the US

  1. I am writing you about a fiancé visa that I understand is a quicker process to have my fiancé and her one child whose father is not listed on the birth certificate come to the United States. If I understand your website this would be a K1 and a K2 visa application. The child is 5 years old and I will visit them in May 2016. I have been sending vitamins and Nido formula and computer equipment and television set. I also purchased the last year tuition for my future nephew. I am interested in adopting her child in the Philippines if it is cheaper to do that there. If we do this can it influence his ability to come to the USA by the K2 visa process. If at all possible I would like to do the paperwork before I go there to Manila in May 2016. Can I fill out and pay all fees associated before this date then send photos by I-phone or computer to you while I am in Manila and if possible could we schedule the medical appointments and interview process if we have the forms filled out beforehand. She is the only parent listed on his birth certificate.

    • RapidVisa Staff says:

      Danny, go ahead and give our number a call and ask to be transferred to the Manila office. Those guys will be able to better help with Philippines specific inquiries. Thanks.

  2. RapidVisa Staff says:

    Please give our Philippines office a call for help with this Mary.

  3. Rain says:

    Hi! I have 3 years old daughter and bears her father’s surname and recognized but i dont know the whereabouts of her father. I have an american fiancè and will visit me for the first time in May. We started our communications and being lovers for 3 months now. My questions are: can we possibly encounters problem about my child’s visa? Our first meet in person will be in May this year or 4 months since we met online, when will be the right time to work for our documents or to apply visa?
    Thank you and more power.

    • Maria Flores says:


      I have the same issue as the person who posted this. I do not know the whereabouts of the father and he is not responsive and I have no way of getting a hold of him. I now have a boyfriend in the US and we want to start the K1 process but my son, who is 3 years old, has a different name. I want to change his name to mine and get custody, as well, but this will probably take some time. He currently lives full time with my mother and will not be traveling with me to the US for at least a year or two until we get established in the US. If he is not going to travel with me do you think we will have an issue with the K-1? I live in the Philippines. Thank you.

  4. Maria corazon Bongot says:

    Hi, I have finance in usa, And he will petition me and my daughter. My 5 yrs old daughters with their father surname, Do i need to get a hand written permission by him for me to bring my kid to U.S.?

  5. Evangeline Fajardo says:

    I have a boyfriend and currently in the US now. we have a 3 yr old daughter. We applied for CRBA for our daughter and now she is a US citizen. WHat will my boyfriend do in order for us to go in Hawaii?

  6. Monaliza Gulla says:

    Is it better to get married here in the Philippines before going to the US or having a fiance visa is enough

  7. Cris says:

    My US citizen boyfriend just visited me for the first time here in Costa rica after were been chatting for 1 yr and half. And he is planning to go down here again on December. We want to know if possible that he can start to apply for Fiance Petition since I am currently living here in Costa Rica with my sister .I’m a Filipina. And its possible to if he can include my son in the Petition but my son bears the surname of his dad.

  8. Marcin Zennicade says:

    What should i do if I love this woman from the philippines with two kids of your own?

  9. Odessa Virtudazo says:

    Hi. I have a American boyfriend for 3years now & we’re planning on getting married here in the Philippines. He wants to adopt my kids ages 3&5 years old & they have their father’s last name. What are the requirements needed so he can adopt my kids?

  10. Does the kid have an interview whenever we file a visa for my 8 years old son? i’m Currently live here in US with my husband. Thanks in advance. 😊

  11. Jam says:

    I am fiancé of my highschool sweetheart who’s a US citizen. We have a minor child. What are the requirements or steps on how he can petition both of us? Thanks!

  12. Liz says:

    How can i get my child?

  13. Iris says:

    Hi my partner is american citizen.what are the requirements ?would my partner do so he can bring me and our child to america

  14. Menchie Quinazo says:

    Hi, i just want to ask of how is it going that i have us fiancee he will petition me here in philippines so we can be together but i have a 2 years old daughter which has a last name of his father and were not married before but in her birthcertificate it has only his father signature coz i was still in the hospital when he register the birth. And me and my fiancee want to bring my daughter in us. Is it possible that i can bring her? Do i have to make her father consent?. Thank you for reading. Hoping you reply.

  15. raven says:

    I’m a green card holder lived in chicago IL for 4 years
    and im planning to file a petition for my wife and my 2 kids
    3 years old and 1 year and 7months girl and boy.
    i just came here in chicago after visited them in the philippines , me and my wife fixed our marriage license there in the philippines.

    my question is whats the first step i should do and how much money i have to provide and how long does it take for everything .

    thanks a lot !!!! please send me a mail once u see my comments

  16. Larry says:

    my father married a women from the Philippines after that she sponsorship her son to come to the US-Hawaii, does it means that the sponsorship his mother got for him automatically made him my father step son or does my dad has to adopt him to first. and does he have to have adoption documents showing that he was adopted. can someone ppl help me with this, because I think that there was an injustice done to my dad.

  17. amelia says:

    I got my American citizenship and american passport 2017, I have 11 years old daughter with me from my previous relationship/ when and what are the requirements for her to apply an American citizen status?

  18. John says:

    I married my wife 3 1/2 years ago on a K1 visa.

    Originally, we had planned on her daughter coming with us here right a way and did paperwork for k2 visa for her, however, that didn’t happen for various reasons.

    What is the process for having her daughter come now, first for a visit to see if she likes it, and if she does, to come back permanently? She is currently living with my wife’s parents in the Philippines.

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